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  • Indigenous Archaeology Definition

    There are many definitions of Indigenous archaeology. George P. Nicholas’s definition of Indigenous archaeology is “Indigenous archaeology is an expression of archaeological theory and practice in which the discipline intersects with Indigenous values, knowledge, practices, ethics, and sensibilities, and through collaborative and community-originated or –directed projects, and related critical perspectives. Indigenous archaeology seeks to (1) make archaeology more representative of, responsible to, and relevant for Indigenous communities; (2) redress real and perceived inequalities in the practice of archaeology; and (3) inform and broaden the understanding and interpretation of the archaeological record through the incorporation of the archeological…

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  • Importance Of Analogy In Archaeology

    Question 4: The Importance of Analogy Analogy is a key aspect of archaeology because it is an important method to gaining a wide range of information about the past that is not always present in the archaeological or written record and it informs us on the nature of the archaeological record (Johnson 2010:50). Archaeologists use analogy for even the most basic of interpretation such as the identification of types of artifacts. For example, how do we know an arrowhead is an arrowhead? Or a bowl…

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  • Roles Of Archaeology

    Archaeology is not just ‘digging’, although the excavation of artefacts is important, there are many more aspects involved that are all as significant. Archaeology can best be described as the study of extinct human cultures (Woodbury, 2008). There are 3 different fields of archaeologist, these being Field archaeologist, university archaeologist and museum archaeologist. A field archaeologist main point of concentration is on the excavation of sites and documenting records of their work. A…

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  • Archaeology Excavation Essay

    Many people commonly associate archaeology with Indiana Jones, a risk taking adventurer who seeks distant lands to gather treasure. Booby traps and aggressive natives also concord with this instinctive fantasy. This is often not at all the case. Archaeologists are attributed to have curiosity, passion, determination and critical thinking skills. They take an unknown area of history and think to ask questions that no one has ever attempted to answer. How an archaeologist excavates an…

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  • Role Of Archaeology In Hawai

    specialties. Archaeology is one of the several branches of anthropology (Smith, 2009, p. 35). It is the study of the past human activity through critical analysis and recovery of the materials the human used. This paper will focus more on the archaeology with a specific reference to the Waikiki Beach. Background of the Archaeological Site Waikiki Beach is natural beach found in Hawaii. It has a rich history concerning activities and people who visited in the area. However, little is known…

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  • Agency Theory In Archaeology

    Agency Theory in Archaeology Contemporary archaeological inquiry has situated itself under the umbrella of anthropology, an open marriage to many different ways of analyzing material culture; as it gives insight to both the physical world, as well as the social-cultural world. In this paper, I will discuss some of the beginnings to this union, and specifically the theory of agency as it relates to archaeological analysis. I enter into the debate among archaeology scholars by proposing that the…

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  • Archaeology Study In Human History

    Archaeology studies all our human history interpreted through the objects left behind within the past. Most of our human history has been without written language and archaeology looks at other objects made to discover how life was like for past peoples. There are many facets to archaeology and countless variables that must be considered when interpreting some artifacts use or meaning. This means that archaeology isn’t what people see as some dusty old objects but instead an active field within…

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  • Brief Program Outline: Archaeology Field School

    Narrative Title of instructional program: Archaeology Field School Subject matter: Archaeology Brief Program Outline The first portion of the program the instructor will explain archaeology, directions, definitions and tools to the participants. Gridding will be briefly discussed as the site will already be gridded beforehand. A brief description of site area will be given to the students along with ideas of what might have lived here (Native American, colonists). Lastly, the instructor will…

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  • Archaeology And Processual Anthropology

    culture and culture changed shifted from an evolutionary model, to taking into account each cultures unique set of circumstances, and finally to the wave of thought known as Processual archaeology. In the early years of Anthropology, one of the prevailing theories regarding culture involved what is…

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  • Archeological Survey Techniques In Archaeology

    areas to excavate on, which makes it stand out from the other techniques. The technique of field walking is a survey technique used in archaeological investigations. Is a much simpler technique to the others examined in this essay. Its simplicity however does not automatically mean that it is a quicker process. Field walking is needs a large manpower and often does not incorporate any technological approach. It uses sight to locate finds and possible structures that might indicate areas for…

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