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  • The Limousin Cattle

    Limousin cattle are bred to be a highly muscled cattle originating from France. 1960 is the date when Limousin cattle were first imported from France and now they are located in over 70 countries. They date back to the 18th century where first historical evidence was written about them proving their existence. Back then, Limousins were well known for being draft animals due to their qualities. Limousin cattle can be horned or polled, but they naturally had horns until farmers bred them with other types of cattle. They contain lighter circles around their eyes and muzzles, and lighter shading on their legs. Limousin cattle are, in size, intermediate and they are short and contain a small neck. Limousins have become very popular due to their advantageous characteristics. They hold low birth weights, high dressing percentage, high yield, tender, healthy beef, efficiency, genetic strength, and hardiness which allows them to adapt to diverse climates. Limousin cattle’s short, small neck holds a broad forehead. They have a rich golden color with the lighter spots around their eyes and legs.…

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  • The Shorthorn Cattle

    Shorthorn Cattle The shorthorn cattle originated on the northeastern coast of England in the countries of North cumberberland, Durham York, and Lincoln. The beginning of the breed actually took place In the valley of the tees river. The Colling brothers Charles and Robert were the founders of the breed of shorthorn cattle. Previously they contributed to the native cattle of the area but it remained that these breeders to develop the first systematic breeding program. As early as 1580 there was…

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  • Cattle Slaughtering

    There are almost 250 cows killed every hour at the beef slaughterhouses. The cruel and harsh treatment that happens in the slaughterhouses is unnecessary for these animals. They do not have to be treated like this if the people working in the houses knew more about them and how to treat them properly.The animals in these houses can not survive in these types of conditions due to a list of diseases such as E. Coli, Salmonella,bird flu, etc. these are just some of the diseases in the…

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  • Belgian Blue Cattle

    the alleles in animals for favourable traits through the use of selective breeding. But, now that technology has become so advanced, humans have developed a new process of manipulating the gene transfer through transgenesis, where scientists can create new alleles in animals. This essay shows how the selective breeding method and transgenesis method are carried out on the Belgian Blue Cattle and the Spidergoat. Selective Breeding in Belgian Blue Cattle Selective Breeding is a process where…

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  • The Cattle Boom Analysis

    Tragedy of the Commons in the American West: The Cattle Boom Garrett Hardin’s Tragedy of the Commons is a fundamental principle in the study of environmental science. Hardin’s classic example is the herdsman who desires to selfishly maximize their economic gain at the expense of their community’s shared pasture. In his example, the commons are a shared resource or the open range. Each herdsman is located in a society that prioritizes constant economic gain, while there are limited resources.…

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  • Jones Cattle Essay

    Son Buys Out Other Half of Cattle Business From Father FLOYDADA, TEXAS – Jones Cattle, owned by a father and son in Floyd and Crosby counties, is being fully bought out by the son this Friday who plans on enhancing the business. Greg Jones, retired county extension agent and partnered owner of Jones Cattle, is buying out all of the cattle in their business from his father. Greg said him and his father started Jones Cattle business together in 1987. The land where the cattle operation is…

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  • Cattle Industry In America

    THE CATTLE INDUSTRY Why it Developed, When and Where it Developed, and How Successful it Was. THE CATTLE INDUSTRY IN AMERICA Have you ever wondered how cattle got to America? The cattle industry has become an important part of our history. Research on the cattle industry informs us on how and why the cattle industry developed, when and where it did, and how successful it was. Cattle first settled in America from several different sources. states that Florida claims to be the…

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  • Cattle Industry Analysis

    two centuries the beef industry has undergone many changes. From the coming of refrigerated train cars to Government regulations. As the population of the earth has grown, cattlemen have had to change their operations in order to feed the world. But as we try to feed more cattle in a smaller area, sickness spreads like wildfire if not treated with antibiotics. Cattle were first brought to the America’s in 1493 on Columbus’s second voyage. (Bravodelux, 2013)Spanish and Portuguese trading ships…

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  • Narrative Essay On Cattle And Relationships

    Trying to juggle school, cattle, a relationship, and your relationship with your family is tough. I do my very best in school and I try to keep on task as much as I can. And if I set a goal for myself I make sure I reach it. I am involved in many clubs and tennis so that helps fill up my schedule. I work with cattle all through the Winter to the Summer until I have finally made it to my last show of the season. I keep my relationships with my family, my friends, and my boyfriend in line and I…

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  • Cattle Slaughter Essay

    Cattle slaughter is the killing of nonhuman animals also referred as killing domestic livestock. The animals are generally killed for food; however, they might also be killed for other reasons such as being diseased or unsuitable times for families to feed it. The animals most commonly slaughtered for food in India are cattle and water buffalo for beef and goats for goat meat and mutton, pigs for pork and ham, horses for horse meat, chickens and ducks, and increasingly, fish farming in the…

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