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  • The Importance Of Welfare In The Cattle Industry

    Temple Grandin states you can only manage what you can measure to identify problems and achieve improved states of welfare (Lyles, Calvo-Lorenzo 5335). Welfare in cattle has been a major topic and question of many many years due to the numerous practices. Societal acceptance is a big concern in the welfare because what ties into it is the views of treatment and living conditions of these animals. In the cattle industry outsiders and the people known as the consumers need to understand how livestock operations work and why they work the way they do. From husbandry practices to new and improved advancements issues and concerns can go on but there are correct solutions that have been tested and proven to be the reason why the industry does what needs to be done in the most appropriate and efficient way. Just as the cattle industry has continued be important in this world from the start of raising and handling cattle for product it will continue to the future to raise welfare awareness to improve…

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  • Paratuberculosis In Dairy Cattle Case Study

    1. The impact of M. paratuberculosis in dairy cattle is detrimental. The disease can cause severe diarrhea and weight loss, which can inevitably lead to protein losing enteropathy followed by death. Studies have indeed been published, most of them focusing on the economic losses this disease brings to the dairy industry. In the study “Economic impact of paratuberculosis in dairy cattle herds: a review” by L. Hasonova, and I. Pavlik they explore the different health parameters that change due to…

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  • Bos Indicus Cattle Case Study

    Age of puberty attainment in beef cattle is an important aspect for producers. This is because age at puberty is a key factor for a heifer’s lifetime reproductive performance. Beef cattle management programs aim for heifers to conceive by two years of age, but this can be a challenge when producing Bos indicus cattle. Puberty attainment in Bos indicus cattle is considerably lengthier than Bos taurus cattle, with the age at first calving typically being 40 months or more (Nogueira, 2003).…

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  • Oestrus Synchronization In Cattle Case Study

    SYNCHRONISATION IN CATTLE SHELEMBE KHOLEKA INTRODUCTION Most beef and dairy farms in Africa use a pasture based breeding and calf rearing system which requires them to manage their herds such that calving and maximum milk production coincides with the period when the grass and pasture is good and nutritious which mainly occurs during spring and early summer (Xu et al., 1997; Lane et al., 2008). In order to maintain short breeding and calving seasons that would result in calving and peak milk…

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  • Cattle Foot And Lameness Case Study

    Introduction Lameness is among the most prevelant and cosly of clinical disease etc. Understanding the problem Cattle Foot & lameness In order to enable humans to stand and walk about freely men protect their feet by wearing shoes. Similar the horny shoe of the cow empowers the animal to carry its own body-weight and to move from one place to another. The shoe, therefore, must be intact and have a good bearing (or supporting) surface. They should not be worn out or have a missing heel.…

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  • Zebu Cattle Domestication: Exploring The Model Of Animal Domestication

    Furthermore, if a high presences of “high utility” remains such as the limb of the animal are more common when compared to low utility remains such as the head, we can conclude that slaughtering and butchering was done away form the site (Arbuckle, 2009). Another indication of cattle management can be seen through the difference in ages in skeletal profiles…

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  • Cattle Production Essay

    Antibiotics and hormones used in cattle production for human consumption need to be regulated and further research needs to be conducted because of health and safety concerns. Hormones are used in the industry as implants and feed additives to primarily increase production. Hormones are chemicals that that regulate growth, development and tissue function. This results and 10-25% increased daily gains and an increased lean/fat ratio. Antibiotics are chemicals produced by living organisms that are…

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  • Involuntary Memory In The Good Times By D. H. Lawrence

    Soaking up the sun and feeling the wind blow off of our faces as we galloped our horses side by side around the arena was my favorite part – my dad and I were almost inseparable in the moment. Soon that fun would end after everyone warmed their horses up, and I would tie up my horse Colt while my dad and his friends got the steers ready to practice a rodeo event commonly known as team roping. My duty during this time would be to make sure that the roping steers filtered through the runway and…

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  • The Ranching Industry

    two centuries the beef industry has undergone many changes. From the coming of refrigerated train cars to Government regulations. As the population of the earth has grown, cattlemen have had to change their operations in order to feed the world. But as we try to feed more cattle in a smaller area, sickness spreads like wildfire if not treated with antibiotics. Cattle were first brought to the America’s in 1493 on Columbus’s second voyage. (Bravodelux, 2013)Spanish and Portuguese trading ships…

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  • Tragedy Of The Commons In The American West Summary

    Tragedy of the Commons in the American West: The Cattle Boom Garrett Hardin’s Tragedy of the Commons is a fundamental principle in the study of environmental science. Hardin’s classic example is the herdsman who desires to selfishly maximize their economic gain at the expense of their community’s shared pasture. In his example, the commons are a shared resource or the open range. Each herdsman is located in a society that prioritizes constant economic gain, while there are limited resources.…

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