The Limousin Cattle

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Limousin cattle are bred to be a highly muscled cattle originating from France. 1960 is the date when Limousin cattle were first imported from France and now they are located in over 70 countries. They date back to the 18th century where first historical evidence was written about them proving their existence. Back then, Limousins were well known for being draft animals due to their qualities.

Limousin cattle can be horned or polled, but they naturally had horns until farmers bred them with other types of cattle. They contain lighter circles around their eyes and muzzles, and lighter shading on their legs. Limousin cattle are, in size, intermediate and they are short and contain a small neck. Limousins have become very popular due to their advantageous characteristics. They hold low birth weights, high dressing percentage, high yield, tender, healthy beef, efficiency, genetic strength, and hardiness which allows them to adapt to diverse climates. Limousin cattle’s short, small neck holds a broad forehead. They have a rich golden color with the lighter spots around their eyes and legs.
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There are pictures depicted in ancient French caves that seem to resemble the Limousin cattle. After they had researched, the picture actually depicted an older species of bovine cattle, but the Limousin has very similar genetic characteristics. The strongest quality of the Limousin cattle is its immune system. It is very important to vaccinate and tend to the cattle, but very few illnesses will be found within them. They are praised for their efficiency in converting feed to weight at a thriftier weight than other breeds. Limousin cattle have a high yield as their carcasses have up to 80% meat yields in a few cases. They are also popular sires in dairy farms since their calves are small in

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