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  • Promiscuity In Catullus Poems

    numerous number of people on a certain basis. Catullus writes poems that deal with promiscuity in a numerous number of them. I have examined these two of Catullus poems that he addresses to Lesbia. I was able to translate the wording as some I couldn’t comprehend well into modern day language. There is a sexual relationship between the two even though Lesbia is married to another man. I began to identify of the negative effects of promiscuity in these certain poems. As Catullus and Lesbia continue their relationship, many rumors start to spread and many begin to judge them. The two are very indiscriminate in which they do at random without careful judgment. Through the use of infidelity, Catullus shows the negative effects of promiscuity. Throughout Catullus’ poems, he addresses Lesbia. There is a sexual relationship between the two of them while Lesbia is in another relationship. Catullus says “ That is, the lady burns- and talks”. Lesbia insults Catullus while in her husband’s presence because she is angry. After translating this into modern…

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  • Wretched Catullus Leave Off Playing The Fool Julius Caesar Analysis

    reign of Julius Caesar, a Roman lyrical poet rose to fame, known as Catullus. Catullus, unlike many other writers of his time, did not write of political issues, but of love and heartbreak. Although some viewed, love as a frivolous notion, Catullus was able to channel his emotions into writing, creating not only moving lyrics, but also using literary techniques, and creating new formations for poems. Wretched Catullus, Leave off Playing the Fool The first poem we will be analyzing is, “Wretched…

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  • Catullus 64 Analysis

    In this article, Roger Rees addresses the senses in Poem 64 and Catullus’ use of the senses in an occasionally nonsensical fashion. Sight and the eye motif are woven throughout the poem in the arrival of the wedding guests, the song of the Parcae, the ekphrasis describing Ariadne and Theseus, and in the conclusion of the poem. Vision is often juxtaposed with hearing in the ekphrasis and in the song of the Parcae. Smell is also involved, and linked to both sight and sound. Rees argues the…

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  • Catullus Death Analysis

    Images of such have been discovered in Latin poetry of the theme of the dead. One of the most well-known poems about the dead, Catullus expresses his sadness that he after his extensive journey to pay his respects to his brother, who died abroad, he can only do so to the ashes (Catullus, specific date unknwon). It was only much later that inhumation or burial became an accepted process, as the attitude towards continuous care for the dead became popular. The place cremation or burial was…

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  • Tone In Sappho's Poetry

    Sappho lived during the sixth century BC on the island of Lesbos. There is very little that is to know about the life of Sappho, she is one of the greatest women of Greek lyrics, and through her work of both lyrics and narrative poems she focused on beauty and love. Catullus was a Latin poet from the late Roman Republic, his style of writing is mostly neoteric poetry. Sappho’s writings are softer and more feminine, she would express how passion, relationships and jealousy felt like. Her writings…

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  • Am I Not Here With You Poem

    represent the importance of using one’s love as a symbolic reference in a poem or story. To first understand these two ideas lets first understand the core concept of love. The first poem explains loves as an inescapable nature. This explanation is through the works of Latin poet named Catullus. Catullus through his poetry showcases his love for Lesbia. Through his writing he “compares his beloved, generally identified as Lesbia, to the mythological figure of Laodamia” (Villiers). A. de Villiers…

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  • Irony In Catullus's Gloss On The Parcae

    Is it Catullus' own irony coming to light here in the invocation of concordia, which will be all-too-absent from the marriage, or is it ironic prophecy on the part of the Parcae? It is hard to imagine the latter, given the triple reference we have already seen to their truth, and the refrain’s reminder that they are not just foretelling the events they sing of, but actively spinning them right then and there. Why go to such great lengths to highlight the truth of their song, only to have them…

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  • Sex In Sigmund Freud's Lysistrata

    there is no honor in In refusing to marry Ishtar, Gilgamesh can continue on his journey to find his immortality in a more morally upright way. In Catullus’ poetry, the figure Lesbia is a classic example of a woman being portrayed as the cause to all of man’s problems. In almost of all of his work containing her, Lesbia is a woman who broke the heart of Catullus and continues to bring him pain and suffering. In his large collection of work, his 75th poem says “My mind has been brought so low…

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  • The Women Of Lesbia, Delia, Nemesis And Corinna

    They have become well known in Roman poetry by their readers; Lesbia, Cynthia, Delia, Nemesis and Corinna. They are told to us as being some of the most beautiful and enchanting ladies in Rome by their hopeless romantic lovers. These poems are filled with passion, longing, romance, frustration, lust, jealousy, and heartache. All these women in their own way are examples of the role of the “cruel beloved” that is present throughout Roman erotic poetry. Lovely as they may be, their perspective…

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  • Ovid's Rationalization Of Love Analysis

    We have read that the power of love seems to make people do crazy things for no reason other than a magical force somehow controls them. This magical force that seems to existing through all these poems, is known as love. Poets in all eras in history have tried to have a reasonable explanation for this occurrence but they never seem to be able to find an explanation. As we start to look at Roman poetry, the author Ovid’s rationalization of love seems to be a man’s attempt to overcome the love of…

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