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  • The Importance Of Fish

    Fish have a unique position with respect to their taxonomic and phylogenic status among vertebrates and occupy an important place in vertebrate’s genealogy. Most fish are ectothermic ("cold-blooded"), allowing their body temperatures to vary (1 – 2 ºC) as ambient temperatures change. Majority of siluroid fish are economically important for human consumption. Protein and vitamins content in fish flesh varies from high to moderate and make it as rich source of protein diet. Fishes of siluroid order ranges from freshwater to brackish waster to swamps and marshes both in temperate and tropical regions. The freshwater catfish, Clarias batrachus from siluroid order is a native specie of tropical south-east Asia and commonly known as “Magru” in India…

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  • Fish Fishing Effects

    As catches have gradually become smaller, so the mesh sizes used in fishing nets have decreased, allowing smaller and smaller fish to be caught. Many of these are too small to be used as food, so they are crushed to be made into either animal food or fertiliser. Fishing using nets is indiscriminate. Any fish which get in the way of the net will be caught in it if they are too big to get through the mesh. For every one tonne of prawns caught, three tonnes of other fish are killed and thrown…

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  • Minced Fish Experiment

    This species of fish selected in this experiment was Nemipterus spp (ikan kerisi). Nemipterus spp or Threadfin Bream is major used in the production of surimi as it is known to exhibit good gel-forming ability (Park, 2014). Table 1 above shows the raw data of the fish. The weight of fresh fish is 12.000 kg but after deboning the weight of minced fish meat process was only left 4.970 kg. At the end of the experiment, after all the washing and pressing process, the weight of the minced fish meat…

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  • Farm Raid Fish

    Farm raised fish are good to eat, good for the environment and good for your health. If we eliminated farm raised fish from the menus, kitchen and homes around the world, the harm that would be done is almost incalculable. There is much misinformation, pop science and web sourced rumors to the contrary, but the real facts are quite clear. In the first place, fish is very healthy food for people. It is a nutritious, plentiful and relatively inexpensive food available across the globe. There are…

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  • Research Paper On Fish

    Fish. My parents love all types of fish. Some dishes my parents love for example are: fried fish, smoked salmon, butterfly cut fish, fish and chips, beer battered fish, and grilled fish. Everyone I am close to loves fish. My big sis loves fish, my grandma loves fish, my little sister loves fish, and my cousins love fish, but I absolutely HATE FISH. Ever since my mortal enemy, the fish, lodged itself in my throat I have had deep abhorrence for this creature. The slimy scales, the putrid odor, the…

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  • The Importance Of Sound In Fish

    communication by animals. Many fishes are capable of producing sounds with the help of specialized structures. Fish have evolved the largest diversity of sound-producing mechanisms among vertebrates, and sounds are emitted in numerous contexts: e.g. disturbance situations, during courtship, competitive feeding and territorial encounters. Sounds are also produced unintentionally including those made as a by-product of feeding or swimming. The majority of sounds produced by fishes are of low…

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  • The Fish Poem Analysis

    Life leaves people battered with the obstacles one faces, but such experiences leave us all the wiser for it. In Elizabeth Bishop's “The Fish,” she utilizes the fish to represent how people struggle and get scarred throughout their life, but these barriers give us wisdom and courage to pick ourselves up and face what's ahead. The title of the poem is representative of the crucial nature of its central symbol, the fish while using free verse throughout one large stanza to do so; Bishop has the…

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  • Arguments Against Fish Enrichment

    be just as beneficial to captive fish. Fish are a hugely exploited research model as millions of tons of fish are farmed across the UK. Despite the massive commercial production occurring, inadequate research has been done on improving fish welfare in stressful situations. The large growth of the aquaculture industry should be synonymous with research about how to remedy production problems and facilitate humane treatment. In captivity, fish tanks are relatively under-stimulating compared to…

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  • Tuna Fish Case Study

    overfishing of tuna fish? Background: The United States is overfishing the Atlantic coast with a variety of new-age fishing methods, which has destroyed and will continue to further damage our ocean’s ecological systems. Since the 21st century began, industrial fishing off the Unites States’ coasts have drastically changed in their methods to provide citizens of this country with a bountiful amount of in-demand seafood. Such seafood include fish like the Blue Fin Tuna, Marlins, and Swordfish;…

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  • Fish Ich Research Paper

    7 Ways To Avoid Fish Ich In Your Fish Tank This fish ich article is a follow up from a previous post entitled “Using Rocks In An Aquarium Design“. Imagine looking into your fish tank one day and seeing your listless fish with tiny white spots on it looking as if someone powdered it with salt. This is a clear sign of fish ich and not only do they make your beautiful fish look weird and ugly, they will also be detrimental to the health of the fish. Fish Ich Fish ich can affect anyone’s aquarium…

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