Fish migration

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  • How Is Damming The Low Mekong And Its Effect On Fish Migration

    Mekong and its Effect on Fish Migration in Thailand Dams have many purposes, such as storing water in order to combat fluctuations in river flow or demand for water, raising the water level so that the water can be directed to flow into a canal to generate electricity, control flooding, and provide water for agriculture, households and industries (Silvia, 1991). With an increase in demand for cleaner sources of energy, many countries have turned to damming as a solution. The Southeast Asian countries that the Mekong river flows through have recently become increasingly interested in damming the Mekong river.…

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  • Effects Of Hydraulics On Fish Fauna

    1. Effect of obstructing hydraulic structures on the fish fauna: Dams, barrages, weirs or navigation locks built on a river for various purposes act as obstruction to the migration of the fishes. Various effects of such hydraulic structures are as follows: a) Barrier to the movement of fish to their spawning grounds. Several fish species require special regions to spawn. These hydraulic structures obstruct the movement of such species to their upstream spawning grounds where they reproduce. As…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Damnation

    negative impact on water consumption and the fish species. Knight and Rummel attempt to explain the pros and cons of dams. The movie also features the tale of salmons, which are unable to return to their original spawning grounds due to dams. These create issues for fish companies, the hatcheries that go at a loss due to reduction of number of fishes. The documentary advocates for change in the United States of America…

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  • Aquaculture Industry Essay

    Canada, Mexico, and the United States economies. The ocean and fishing industry are major contributors in the promotion of local commercial cultivation and food supply. With growth on a local level for aquaculture, the ripple of economic prosperity is felt across the continent. Unfortunately, there has been a gradual decline in production from this sector of the economy and this regression in production has swept across the entire continent. For example, a study conducted in 2008 by the…

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  • Giant Catfish Case Study

    Evidence The giant catfish is uncommon yet broadly presented through the Mekong Basin. Mature fish seem to be found in major channels of the Mekong River and its tributaries. Juvenile fish seem to stick around wetland areas of the Mekong Basin. In the dry season mature fish migrate vast distances up river and start spawning when the rains arrive. The eggs and hatchlings are being transported downstream where juveniles may scatter into floodplains and other wetland zones. Not much information is…

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  • Chesapeake Bay Pollution

    the bay are pretty obvious, the grasses feed the plankton, the oysters eat the plankton and the fish, eat the oysters. THe food chain is obviously…

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  • Summer Flounder Experiment

    however a female that is 27 inches could probably produce, on average 4, 200,000 eggs in any given spawning season. Reproduction for the summer flounder usually takes place in the fall months, right as the flounders initiate migration. September through November is typically the months where the summer flounder reproduces the most rapid. Around this time, this is when the temperature of the water is somewhere around 11-18°C. The summer flounder tends to reproduce in depths reaching from about…

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  • Blue Shark Research Paper

    Depending on the prey the blue shark will have different type of strategies on how they will hunt and attack their prey (Ebert, DA. 2003. Sharks, Rays and Chimaeras of California. California:University of California Press.pp166-168). Blue sharks will typically feed on squids, fish, mollusks, small sharks, sea birds, and even garbage that will float around the water. There have been on some accounts were blue sharks would even take a risk and attack Great White Sharks ( . In…

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  • Pacific Northwest Salmon

    several pages, I am going to explore what salmon are, how they have been used, what led to their decline, what is being done to help them, and their importance to the Pacific Northwest. Salmon are part of a family of fish called Salmonidae. Modern salmon began to appear in the fossil record about 6 million years ago. Salmon are anadromous, meaning that they migrate…

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  • Humpback Whale Research Paper

    There were once thought to be less than 15,000 humpback whales individuals left in the wild, with the population has been put into place the humpback whale. The humpback whales spend the summer months in the colder, polar waters and then the humpback whales migrate south in the winter to the warmer tropical water where the humpback whales live off their fat reserves until they migrate north again in the summer. Humpback whales feed by circling and schools of fish or kill and making a cylindrical…

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