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  • Kishwaukee River

    River study of the Kishwaukee river The river raged and rushed with animals and plants and we waded through the river . We learned that the Kishwaukee is a huge river and habitat and food source for many animals.We were supposed to test the health of the river.The day was somewhat hot . it was the beginning of fall and the leaves were falling . Some were already orange.that day was so fun. I was on a fieldtrip to Atwood. on my second day there we went to the kishwaukee river to test the river's health. When we got to the banks I could her the rushing water and I saw wooden stakes in the water were we couldn’t pass. The water looked dirty. R.j and A.j were in the same group as me. We were in the Racoon group. We had different jobs to test the…

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  • Trinity River Culture

    usable water is necessary. Over time this need began to give birth to a deep respect for rivers, lakes and streams. Because water is such a critical element of life it was worshipped and appreciated for thousands of years by almost all cultures of the past. It has been a source of power and inspiration for thousands of years. The influence of this inspiration, worship and respect of water can be seen in art, language, religion, and, in many cases, the core values of entire cultures. But there…

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  • Rivers In The United States

    half million miles of streams and river habitats. These streams and rivers once were flourishing ecosystems of prestien water, boasting healthy populations of native fish, and plant life. In the United States, streams provide some of the most prized fishing locations for many different species. Today however, as cause from human development, there has been a major negative impact on the health of these cherished waterways. A large number of rivers and streams have lost prized game fish such as…

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  • River Continuum Concepts

    All waterways were not created equal. Those who have never spent time studying stream structure or ecology are likely to incorrectly assume that any stream is, for the most part, just like any other stream. However, this is a dangerous misconception that is not at all correct. The truth is that streams and rivers provide a huge diversity of food, prey, and shelter along their length. This diversity can be explained by the River Continuum Concept and stems from the many different and highly…

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  • Red River Atchafalaya River

    The Atchafalaya River The Atchafalaya River is a distributary of the Red River and Mississippi River section in part of the southern portion in central Louisiana. The Atchafalaya is a one hundred and thirty seven mile long distributary of the Mississippi and Red Rivers. The name "Atchafalaya" comes from the Choctaw language and translates to long river from hachcha, “river" and falaya, "long.” During the fifteenth century the Mississippi River and the Red River were separated. These two rivers…

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  • Platte River: A Short Story

    We have just left and we are going to follow the south side of the Platte River. We have to cross the river in about 170 miles. We have heard from other settlers that it's too wide to bridge so we have to use the sandbars to get across. That has been a stressful thought, hopefully no one has any troubles. It's also very shallow which could cause problems because the current will be going at a high speed. After 6 days of travel we have finally met the river crossing. It's current was…

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  • Mississippi River Documentary

    We 're also shown how farming and timber practices had caused topsoil to be swept down the river and into the Gulf of Mexico leading to catastrophic floods and impoverishing farmers. I especially love the buildup, using the imagery of small trickles of water that became creeks and brooks that became tributary to other rivers that became the Mississippi. In cinematic fashion the filmmakers are painting a picture for us in which they depict all of the rivers that run into the Mississippi to look…

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  • River Flow Alteration Essay

    Wide-spread recognition of escalating hydrological alterations of rivers has increased as a result of existing and projected future increases in water demands. The importance of a river’s flow regime for sustaining biodiversity and ecological integrity has been well studied over the last past 4 decades. This paper synthesizes the flow assessment methodologies to understand ecological responses to flow alteration and begins with a compilation of all historical methods to assess environmental…

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  • Merrimack River Case Study

    caution while transiting the Merrimack River entrance due to significant shoaling inside of the north jetty. This area is outside of the feral navigation area and should not be considered as the safest crossing location. Several accidents have occurred in this area and mariners should be advised to take extreme caution when crossing at the tip of the north jetty. Merrimack River Bar - A system of notification to mariners has been in use by the USCG Station in Newburyport. It is to assist…

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  • Mississippi River Case Study

    Along the bank of the Mississippi River lived a community of white alligators. These alligators were kind and managed to stabilize peaceful relationships the other animals that shared the land and water with them. The alligators also worked extremely hard to keep their home as clean as could be. Everyday they woke before daybreak to scrub the bottom of the river with their scales and collect anything physical that endangered their habitat. This kept the water clear and free of any pollutants. …

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