Road accidents

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  • Guess Road Accident Report

    On Wednesday, January 20, 2016 at 2048 hours, 911 communication dispatch received a call about a Motor Vehicle Crash in the 3600 block of Guess Road. I arrived on scene at 2100 hours, approaching the crash traveling southbound on Guess road. I responded to Guess Road for the Motor Vehicle Crash. The Fire Department and EMS were already on scene Vehicle In Motion: The suspect vehicle, a Gray Hyundai Santa Fe, was traveling southbound on Guess Rd. at a high rate of speed, when it crossed over the center line, ran off the road to the left, jumped the curve, struck two mailboxes, two garbage cans, a utility pole and damaged the porch of a brick house, coming to rested. The vehicle was facing west on the front lawn, in front of 3636 Guess Road.…

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  • Importance Of Road Accidents Essay

    development of economic activities, for the production and distribution of goods and services as well as for trade [1]. Road transport plays a very important role in the economy of all nations globally. Road transport is, of all modes of inland transport, the one which has increased the most in all countries in recent times. The road transport industry is the backbone of strong economic and dynamic societies. It is therefore…

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  • Creative Writing Road Accident

    "I 'm going straight home," I said to my roommate, Alex. "I 'll see you there." I started the engine of my Toyota Camry. I put it in reverse and exited the parking lot. As hit the brake before getting on the main road, my car died. It had been doing that for a week now, I still hadn 't got it checked out. I started the engine once more, and continued driving. I was just leaving work and headed back to my dorm. I had class at nine the next morning, so I was in a rush to get home. I reached my…

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  • Road Traffic Accidents Case Study

    The present study consists of 100 road traffic injury cases admitted in our tertiary health care centre. In the present study males victims (84 cases, 84%) outnumbered the females victims (16 cases, 16%) with an approximate male female ratio of 5:1. Four wheelers and two wheelers involving mainly pedestrians were the most common cause for fatal head injury seen in 66 cases, 66%. Multiple abrasions were the most commonly seen external injury, seen in 68 cases, 68%. Skull bone fracture was seen in…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Driver-Less Cars

    America has the highest motor vehicle accident rates than any other high income country. Nearly 1.3 million people die in car accidents every year and there are about 3,287 die in crashes that happen each day in America, according to Car crashes happen for many reasons; distracted because of texting, on the phone while driving or loud music, intoxicated driving, drowsy, and while this is not as likely, cars have technical difficulties that the driver cannot control. With new…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Speed Limits

    sudden a vehicle on the other side of the median has crossed over, went airborne and has hit you. You were young, full of life and opportunities. The entire world was within your reach. Now that is all over, you have died. Should the speed limit be raised on the 401? Why? While this has been debated by road engineers, police who patrol expressways, and drivers who drive on them, the idea of changing the 401 speed is debatable on either side. However, it is the conclusion of this author, that it…

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  • Personal Injury Solicitors In Manchester

    Personal Injury Solicitors in Manchester There are many different types of personal injury case, all of which can be supported by the right personal injury solicitors in Manchester. Regardless of the circumstances, any accident can leave the victim with serious and even life threatening injuries that may change their life through no fault of their own. No matter what the circumstance of your accident, a personal injury lawyer can work with you to ensure that you receive the compensation you…

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  • Preventions Of Texting And Driving

    and young teens getting and causing car crashes and why those distractions can injure or end someone 's life. The stactices of auto crashes in the U.S , death and injury rate of people caused by a driver that was texting while driving, and the distractions and preventions from having accident. In fact throughout the day approximately 660,000 people attempt to use a phone while behind the wheel of an automobile. We all know that smartphones help you stay in touch with friends, family,…

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  • How Does Language Affect Eyewitness

    Overview: Summarise the study, including why it was done and what was found (approx. 350 words) In an experiment in 1969 by Marshall using air force personnel it was discovered that recalling details of an event, in this case, the speed of a vehicle, were difficult for people to recall. In some cases, participants recalled speeds of up to 50 mph where the actual speed was 12 mph (Flanagan, 2013). Loftus and Palmer further studied Marshall’s discovery, Loftus and Palmers two-tailed hypotheses was…

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  • Texting While Driving Should Be Banned

    Cellphones are used not only for communication purposes, but can also be used as an everyday device to download features like: cameras, games, music etc. Despite the benefits, cellphones have become a significant cause of car accidents. Texting in particular is four times more dangerous than talking. It is extremely distracting. It gains the drivers attention, so drivers tend to forget about themselves and other drivers in the road. When using the phone, whether it is taking a selfie, texting or…

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