Creative Writing Road Accident

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"I 'm going straight home," I said to my roommate, Alex. "I 'll see you there." I started the engine of my Toyota Camry. I put it in reverse and exited the parking lot. As hit the brake before getting on the main road, my car died. It had been doing that for a week now, I still hadn 't got it checked out. I started the engine once more, and continued driving. I was just leaving work and headed back to my dorm. I had class at nine the next morning, so I was in a rush to get home. I reached my turn, it was a left turn. I slowed down and turned. But as I slowed down, my car died. mey car stopped in the middle of the left lane with a large semi coming. It wouldn 't start. I tried to unbuckle, but it was jammed. I finally got it unbuckled. I fled the car as the bright headlights illuminated me.
Dave didn 't make it home that night. Of course this was sad for me, but more so bittersweet. I 've been wanting to meet him ever since I first laid eyes on him. I remember that day, his birthday. I 'd say the only possible person more taken by him than me was his mother. I remember the way he smiled back at he. He was so beautiful. I fell in love with him that day. And I was for the rest for his life. Now, I finally get the chance to meet him.
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“Two” I responded. “You and a sweet girl named Monica. She died shortly after her first birthday.” “How?” Dave asked. “Her sixteen-year-old meth head of a mother dropped her in a metal trash can and stacked newspapers on top of her. Then she dropped a three matches in the can.” He looked up at me, wide-eyed and exclaimed “Damn.” I continued, “I saved her once, I managed to get the match to go out before it’s fall broke. I made sure the second match went out before the paper caught fire. But she lit the third match and didn’t let go of it until the paper caught. Then I watched as as Monica screamed and burned to death. Her tears were not enough to put out the

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