Importance Of Road Accidents Essay

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Transport is a crucial driver of economic growth, poverty reduction and achievement of the millennium goals (MDG) in developing countries. The transport sector plays a significant role in economic growth at the sub-national, national, regional and global levels. Transport is indispensable for the well-functioning of and development of economic activities, for the production and distribution of goods and services as well as for trade [1]. Road transport plays a very important role in the economy of all nations globally. Road transport is, of all modes of inland transport, the one which has increased the most in all countries in recent times. The road transport industry is the backbone of strong economic and dynamic societies. It is therefore …show more content…
Road traffic accidents, environmental pollution, etc., are some of the challenges the world is still battling with in terms of road transportation. This study seeks to address part of the issues leading to road traffic accidents in the developing countries.
Road Accidents
The use of transport modes and infrastructure is never entirely safe. Every motorized vehicle contains an element of danger and nuisance. Due to human errors and various forms of physical failures (mechanical or infrastructural), injuries, damages and even death occur. Accidents tent to be proportional to the intensity of use of transport infrastructures which means the more traffic the higher the probability for an accident to occur. [3]
Accidents have important socioeconomic impacts including healthcare, insurance, damage to property and the loss of life. It has been observed that the road remains the most dangerous medium for transportation, accounting for 90% of all transport accident on the average.
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In the field of engineering, quality can never be compromised not for the sake of business continuity and profitability but in terms of safety and sustainability. In the automotive maintenance domain as in all other maintenance engineering field five important factors are necessary to ensure successful and quality maintenance work. These factors are discussed below.[ ], [ ], [ ], [ ].
i. Good working environment: good working environment is needed in all areas of work. It helps in the proper functioning of facility and in reduction of workplace accident. In the automobile maintenance work, good working environment is very important since the automobile is very complicated system and dismantling and assembling of system components necessitates a good, clean, conducive and the right working environment. ii. Knowledgeable Repair/Maintenance Staff/personnel: to achieve quality in maintenance work, there is the need to have maintenance personnel who are well vested and knowledgeable in the field of the system being maintained. This cannot be overemphasized in the automotive maintenance field because of its complex nature and the risk of system failure and consequential

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