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  • Personal Narrative: How Memory Changed My Life

    I remember seldom things in life. Maybe my horrible memory can be attributed to the thousands of Diet Coke I drank as a kid and their alleged nasty side effects to memory. Maybe it’s attributed to my tendency to focus on the minute details and not the whole picture. Or maybe it is just a personal choice, a personal decision to ignore what life has brought me and to somehow use the bits I can recall to construct some fairytale. I wish that this process would have happened when I felt like I was losing everything in my life, but, almost sadistically, I remember everything. Every emotion, movement, smell, and facial expression. I know that this day will forever haunt my memory, because it has since it happened. My life changed in a hundredth of a second, and it has taken me one hundred days to come to terms with it all. I remember the phone call. I was so nervous to pick up the phone because my dad had this expression of true sorrow on his face, one I have never seen before in my life, even when traumatic events happened. I picked up the phone, slid my finger against the slick surface of my phone and slowly raised the cold, heartless surface to my face. “Hello?” There was no response. Then, as if the world was giving me one last second of innocence and idiocy, my mom, in the best voice she could muster said those four damning words. Four damning words that would play in my head for the next several days. “Dinah has passed away.” I lost it. My body felt like jelly and my heart…

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  • Essay On Small Isolette

    The small isolette was my home in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for five months and three days. I was born at twenty-four weeks and one day, four months before my due date on January fifth. I was not alone, however. My twin brother was born on January fourteenth—we were nine days apart. See, my story is not a difficult one to tell, but it has changed slightly over the course of my seventeen years. I could go on to discuss how I’ve had sixteen extensive surgeries. How I only have one…

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  • Personal Narrative: Sign Up Day

    Being one of the only latino families in the community of Medford, I grew up aware of the fact that I wasn’t as similar as my classmates around me. By the time I had been old enough to understand this, I had already received subtle hints and jokes that referred to my race. It didn’t bother me then, until I was aware of the assumptions that came with it. In the summer before 2nd grade, the most talked about event was “Sign Up Day”. It was a day in which we could go and choose our extracurricular…

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  • Death Of A Salesman Willy A Good Father Analysis

    In Death of a Salesman by, Arthur Miller, Willy has a desire to be a good father to his son were his dad was not. Willy believes that if he can instill the correct values into Biff so he can be like himself or more successful. The problem Willy is confronted with is that he cares too much as if he is trying to emulate his life in Biffs. Compared to Willy Charley takes a position of hands off while still teaching Bernard to be a good student and by working hard because it will pay dividends later…

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  • William Carlos Williams And Modernism In Short Stories

    For example, these people exist in sports, businesses, and even poetry. The American poet, William Carlos Williams (1883-1963), was one of the four major American poets or in other words, one of the big guys. Williams always loved literature; however, he went to medical school in hopes of becoming a physician. Despite his schooling, Williams still enjoyed writing. With his love of writing and physician degree, he really had a huge effect with the style, this author used. He actually had a major…

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  • Icarus Poetry Analysis

    show a message or theme of their own works. In the works “Musee des Beaux Arts,” “Landscape With the Fall of Icarus,” and “To A Friend Whose Work has Come to Triumph,” the authors use the myth of Icarus and Daedalus as this backdrop. Auden, Williams, and Sexton use the myth of Icarus as comparisons in their poems, but for different reasons. The authors, Auden, Williams, and Sexton, allude to this myth in their poems to either show Icarus’ story in its insignificance or in its triumph. In W.H.…

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  • Marianne Moore Poem Analysis

    to her grandfather's house and stay there until his death. Which was on 1894. They just moved from one relative to another until the big move to carlisle, PA. Moore graduated from Bryn Mawr College with a BA degree in biology in 1909. Following graduation, Moore studied typing at Carlisle Commercial College. And from 1911 to 1915 she was employed as a school teacher at the Carlisle Indian school. (“”). Moore had many careers throughout her life. Her mother and her moved to New york…

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  • Analysis Of Red Wheelbarrow By William Carlos Williams

    knowing what celebrities went through to get there. With that being said, what do you value most in life? Is it the little things that can be by the past or the important things? In life people tend to put so much value on the little things. For example, like William Carlos Williams hold his red wheelbarrow to so much standards. He feels as though so much depends upon it. When we focus on the little things, we tend to get side-tracked as William Carlos Williams shows in his “Red Wheel” poem and…

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  • William Carlos Williams The Wedge

    simple man was William Carlos Williams. He was born in America as a Puerto Rican-American who then with hard work and determination became a well-practiced doctor. He however is better known for his works of poetry that challenged the traditional way of writing poetry. In Williams’s book of poetry, The Wedge, is prefaced by an introduction that introduces his readers to his controversial ideas concerning poetry and what it should represent in today’s modern times. He wants his readers to break…

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  • An Analysis Of William Carlos Williams This Is Just To Say

    commentary. In terms of poetry, authors often switch between the two throughout their bodies of work. William Carlos Williams is an imagist poet whose personal poetic philosophy as expressed in various essays and interviews demonstrates a clear choice for using the poetic form to make social political commentary. In particular, Williams poem This is Just to Say is no exception to Williams’ method of using the poetic form for political…

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