Analysis Of Red Wheelbarrow By William Carlos Williams

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In our modern day society we see people posting videos and pictures of celebrity life style or relationship - stating that it 's their life goals not knowing what celebrities went through to get there. With that being said, what do you value most in life? Is it the little things that can be by the past or the important things? In life people tend to put so much value on the little things. For example, like William Carlos Williams hold his red wheelbarrow to so much standards. He feels as though so much depends upon it. When we focus on the little things, we tend to get side-tracked as William Carlos Williams shows in his “Red Wheel” poem and not consider important things as Bergmann pointed in her “Apology” poem these ideas connect to political …show more content…
Author William Carlos Williams “Red Wheelbarrow” poem shows how far people go when they base importance on little things. William quote “so much depends upon a red wheelbarrow” (Williams qtd. In Kirszner and Mandell 563). The author puts so much importance on this Red wheelbarrow as if his life depends on it. It seems as the world will stop spinning and come to an end if anything happens to the wheelbarrow. Williams describe the color of the wheelbarrow which gives it more importance because now it’s not just any regular wheelbarrow, but it is a red wheelbarrow. William has also quoted “beside the white chickens” (William Carlos Williams, 563). He is explaining the location of this red wheelbarrow to put a great amount of emphasis on his important asset. According to Steven Monte author of “An overview of “The Red Wheelbarrow”, “The poem may in fact seem so transparent in meaning as to make the reader wonder why so much fuss has been made over it or what makes it a poem at all”. These examples bring us back to the fact that we place so much importance on the little things. There is nothing important about the wheelbarrow for you to to stress about. There are so much more important issues in

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