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  • 1940s Film Industry Analysis

    gave rise to new aspects in film such as new audiences, a new generation of filmmakers, and a competitive system that is still used today. One of the most prominent causes of the fall of the Hollywood Studio System was the Supreme Court decision on the United States versus Paramount Pictures, Inc. case. In May 1948, the Supreme Court decided to keep endorsing Antitrust laws that were made back in 1890. They voted to support the verdict made during the district court case that banned any activity of trusts. And of course, Paramount was one that fell under that category. According to The American Film Industry, by Tino Balio, The Supreme Court banned block-booking so that movies had to be rented individually instead of being rented in bulk, banned companies from creating fixed admission prices in theaters, banned controlling the runs and clearances of movies, and banned pricing and purchasing arrangements that favored their affiliated theaters. This was all illegal now. So the Big Five, which included Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox, RKO Pictures, Warner Bros, and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (aka MGM Studios), were forced to cut ties with their joint exhibitors and breaking up their company. So by 1949, RKO and Paramount, not wanting to deal with this fight anymore, negotiated for consent decrees. These decrees stated that these companies would allow to the prohibition of unfair distribution practices. All movies had to be rented separately to a theater without taking into…

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  • Film Analysis: Groundhog Day

    The movie, “Groundhog Day” is a successful 1993 American film that captures the interests, mind and heart of its viewers because of its astonishing, innovative, and unique storyline, and in which this requires clear mind when watching in order for it to decode and unfold its purpose and in order for it to discover how great it is. This was directed by Harold Ramis and written by Ramis himself and Danny Rubin, based on a story by Rubin .It was starring by Bill Murray, Andie Macdowell and Chris…

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  • Requiem For A Dream Analysis

    Individuals may encounter countless scenes, outrageous ideas, and most importantly a perfected conclusion. Nevertheless, when it comes to the motion picture “Requiem for a dream”, words and words may fill these pages, however nothing can truly clarify the depth of intensity and meaning towards such a realization. Darren Aronofsky is an American film director, screenwriter, and film producer; born in Brooklyn, New York in the 1960’s and being brought up in a conservative Jewish family surely…

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  • Why Do Children Read Books

    Children literature is being able to expose kids to unlimited genres of books and being able to bring them alive. This included stories, books, magazines, songs, and poems for all types of readers. The classroom should not be limited to using books for lessons but for spending some time for children to choose a book of choice and read. Having a routine for reading in the classroom will not only help them with literacy skills but to enjoy reading especially on their own time. Teachers and parents…

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  • Children's Literary Analysis

    The hug becomes more heartfelt every time, until it ‘runs’ away and Lucy discovers the challenge of getting it back. To listen to the synopsis this doesn’t sound like such a thought provoking or complex picturebook... until you give to to the child and adolescent reader to appreciate and understand their notion, mood and perception. As Sipe indicated, a picturebook gives the reader the opportunity to connect with one’s own life and The Runaway Hug emits a sense of family, culture and everyday…

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  • Illustrated Children's Picture Book Analysis

    Illustrated children’s picture books are new way of possibly conveying to children vivid events and situations and enhance their comprehension of what is going on. Children enjoy reading picture book because whilst the adult is reading for them it has features which enables them to physically engage by including; pop-up, flap, pull-tab and textured books. Imaged and words of different kind is combined in order to form narratives for children and therefore vary enormously in both function and…

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  • Perspective And Point Of View In The Tale Of Peter Rabbit

    In this article we discuss a range of ideas concerning the use of illustrations in picture books where we have several levels include Look and feel of the book and the role of visual information in the form STORY correct landing to small levels as long as we have seen visible elements of this change in the art of printing or the style of this art is used to create meanings and emotional effect. Images used in children's books to attract readers' attention and beautify the form book and giving…

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  • Hollywood House Fire Investigation

    vehicles that were not in the garage. The neighbor discovering his rear license plates were gone, that he reported on the evening of the incident. The license plates from the neighbor that he reported were missing before the incident had occurred. But besides all that I would focus on the frame that said, "Love Birds", the other male that was supposedly living in the home, and Phoenix Trenton Although there was no female clothing found in the residence, there was a frame that said "Love…

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  • Picture Book Reading Research

    2. Assumptions about children’s learning 2.1 Children can develop vocabulary through picture book reading The primary way to develop vocabulary is through reading. When I was young, I was taught to look up words, copy their definitions from the dictionary and then memorize them. Teachers have dictation assessment regularly to check our words spelling. I do not want to teach vocabulary in this passive way as passive learners lack motivation to learn. Passive learners perceive learning, especially…

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  • Presupposition In The Godfather

    A movie entitled The Godfather is chosen as object in this analysis. Don Corleone as one of main character chosen as source data. Regarding utterance from Don Corleone this movie presents a numbered of presupposition in various context. Then relation between presupposition and context obtains a certain meaning of an utterance. As considering, statement from Stalnaker who said that context influences content, while content can creates a context because sometimes word that say has a function not…

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