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  • Summary: The Representation Of Blacks In Hollywood Cinema

    Introduction The representation of Africa and African people in popular American media has been a major concern in academic disciplines and the subject of numerous books and essays. Many scholars and activists have written about this issue seeking to introduce new knowledges and methodologies into the debate while taking into account the overwhelming evidence of the colonial influence on these representations. The debates and arguments are not restricted to Hollywood films (although Hollywood has a long history of producing films set in, and about Africa) but they are also great bodies of work encompassing the representations of Africa and its history in literature, journalism and television. As a result, this literature review aims to identify and examine relevant studies that have been conducted in the field of representations of Africa in Hollywood cinema. 1 Analysing racial representations in films: Methodological issues According to Stam and Spence (1983), early filmic studies addressing racism and colonialism (e.g. Daniel Leab’s From Sambo to Superspade and Thomas’ Cripps’ Slow Fade to Black) tended to use the same methodologies focusing on certain dimensions of films such as…

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  • Swot Analysis West Hollywood

    West Hollywood is a city in Los Angeles, California. West Hollywood is known for a variety of things, including the Sunset Strip, its large LGBT population and regular celebrity sightings. Since its earliest years, West Hollywood has earned a reputation for its nightlife and home to emerging artists in the entertainment industry. Based on the city’s history and current demographics, it is suitable for a new live entertainment venue to be established. SWOT Analysis Strengths: One of the biggest…

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  • Golden Age Of Hollywood Essay

    During the Golden Age of Hollywood, studios controlled not only the resources of production but also how the films were released. The most prominent of these studios, known as “The Big Five,” consisted of Paramount Pictures, RKO, Warner Brothers, Fox, and Loew’s Incorporated. Again, during that time, they controlled the development, production, and distribution of films which lead to the studio system. The Paramount decision, stemming from the United States Supreme Court Hollywood Antitrust Case…

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  • The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

    together are actually related to each other, like how Disney is connected to the Hollywood walk of fame, how the Hollywood Walk of Fame relates to Australia and how Australia relates to Love at first sight, and finally love at first sight related to Thomas Rhett. These five topics are all related to entertainment, because all, five of them are either entertaining or are involved in the entertainment business…

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  • Hollywood Informative Speech

    Did you know that Fast and Furious at Universal Studios Hollywood took a lot of digital and animated work to make? Well, first before I tell you about that… I have to tell you about how I got to Hollywood or California period. It all started on a Monday of July 15th, 2014. My mom and I were talking about how my grandma’s birthday was only three days away. But, soon my grandma came into the room like a flash, we knew she had good news because she was smiling from ear to ear. She told us that…

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  • Classical Hollywood Narrative Analysis

    Film, in general, is a narrative medium, or, at least, a medium of many narrative capacities” (Kuhn). For a film to be a narrative it must present a story with a series of events in ways that imply connections between one event and the next. Narratives must, therefore, have constituent parts, which are also discernibly related; however, the type of relationship may vary greatly. Generally we expect a cause-and-effect relationship: one event has the effect of causing another event, which causes…

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  • Classical Hollywood Cinema Analysis

    Hollywood cinema is widely viewed as narrative with most viewers seeing films only as entertainment and nothing else. And most movies are for entertainment, providing a story with a narrative form or also called Classical Hollywood Cinema. This includes forms of narration, sound, editing, cinematography, etc. Anything you find in the normal classical cinema such as the Marvel movies, Disney movies, or the endless remakes of Planet of the Apes movies. All these films are similar in style because…

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  • Post-Classical Hollywood In The 1960s

    become the spirit background color of this era. People in sixties did change the world, especially the world for Hollywood. In the process of continuous breakthrough, post-classical Hollywood reduced the harm from Paramount Decrees little by little, established new relationship with television industry and seized the heart of younger audience (Richard, 23). Compare to Classical Hollywood, Post-classical Hollywood makes lots of…

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  • 1940s Film Industry Analysis

    Before the 1940s, Hollywood and the Studio System, was one that carried the American Film Industry to new heights and brought on different visions from aspiring filmmakers and film companies. What was once just a convenient place to escape the grasp and control of The Trust, became the place to be during the 1920s. Hollywood was thriving with the system it created. The Big Five film companies created movies that made those years the Golden Age of Hollywood. But of course a system that gave the…

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  • Social Workplace: A Case Study

    Within the city of East Hollywood according to the U.S Census (2000) there is a population of 73,967where 60.4% are Latino, 17.5% White, 15.5% Asian, 2.4% Black, and 4.1% other. Within the East Hollywood population there is a median household income of $29,927 and 3,281 families headed by single parents. Also in the East Hollywood population the median age is 31 where in the country the highest population range of age ranges from 19 to 34 (Mapping L.A., 2016). Central Hollywood on the other hand…

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