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  • Similarities Between William Blake And Mark Jarman

    Many people agree that there are a plethora of problems in society. Whether the problem is the environment, economy or politics, problems become obvious on a day-to-day basis. Similar to these issues, numerous options present themselves to “solve” these issues. The followers of Jesus Christ offer a distinct viewpoint on these problems. This viewpoint has provoked many authors to write poems or short stories inside this field of thought. William Blake and Mark Jarman, two Christian authors, wrote two different stories using their set of ideas developed from Christianity’s beliefs. Christians are encouraged to love in the same way that Jesus Christ loved everybody (Holman Christian Standard Bible, Eph. 5.2, John 13.34). The ultimate message that…

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  • Social Security Employee Motivation Report

    Researchers believe that employees will be happier and more productive if they choose a schedule that suits their personal needs. Alternative work arrangements are "empowering employees—rather than closely monitoring and controlling them—[which] may be a more effective way to enable employees to provide satisfying service" (Dong, Liao, Chuang, Zhou, & Campbell, 2015, p. 1373). First, flextime is standard at my office and employees can arrive between 6:30am to 9:30am. The office closes at…

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  • Hebrew And Aramaic Analysis

    Tanak is one of the most common names used to describe the Jewish Bible. It is also known in Protestant circles as the beginning books of the Bible, which is also called the Old Testament. No matter what name this section is given, it is a complex set of books with multiple authors, written in diverse languages, and has a history all its own. Yet, with proper study, much about the text can be discovered because many try to translate the original Hebrew and Aramaic as accurately as possible. This…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience In Ministry

    to realize I had unresolved issues from my youth. At the time of the incidents, I did not have the tools I needed to be able to properly deal with my issues. I struggled with internal anger issues and hurt from the incidents. This course has helped give me the tools to be able to unpeel the layers of my hurt. The incidents challenged me to work on my soul. I desire to make sure if a similar situation, I will be able to handle it in a healthier manner. I do not need to experience the…

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  • Similarities Between Genesis To Lord Of The Flies

    Soon after the children join the tribe, their evil ways start to show. This also can be seen as a representation of things that took place in the Holy Bible. In Lord of the Flies, Jack said, “I gave you food and my hunters will protect you from the bears. Who will join my tribe?” In the Holy Bible, Satan says, “No! You will not die. In fact, God knows that when you eat your eyes will be opened and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” (Genesis 3:4-6 Holman Christian Standard Bible)…

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  • Articulating A Biblical/Christian Worldview Analysis

    Part II: Articulating a Biblical /Christian Worldview The Question of Origin: The biblical/Christian worldview is that God is the Creator of all things (Genesis 1:1, Holman Christian Standard Bible). God spoke and created everything out of nothing. In Colossians 1:16-17 (HCSB) the Apostle Paul wrote of the role of Jesus Christ, that by Him all things were created. The Question of Identity: From a biblical/Christian worldview man was created by God in His image. Humans were given the…

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  • Reflection On Judaism

    Reflecting on Judaism as Christian As a Christian learning about Judaism, there have always been thoughts of why Christianity doesn’t fall in line with more of the Jewish traditions and celebrations of their festivals. The Bible calls the Israelites God’s chosen people and throughout the Old Testament He show His love for them, by the way He led them by a pillar of smoke by day and by a pillar of fire at night. Comparing the old covenant to the new covenant, the bile says “not like the…

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  • Ten Commandments In Exodus Vs Deuteronomy

    Lisa Loveless THL 105 February 24, 2017 Comparison between the Ten Commandments in Exodus verses Deuteronomy The commandments are set forth in both versions by God as a covenant to those who choose to worship and love Him. If they obeyed the rules, the followers would have God’s blessing and protection. If they broke them, they would be subjected to God’s punishment. Although the commandments in Exodus 20 and Deuteronomy 20 are virtually identical, there are a few differences. Many of…

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  • The Life You Can Save Rhetorical Analysis

    I believe that we have an obligation to give to the poor and that we should give to those that need it most. The reason why I believe in the obligation to give to the poor comes from church and the Bible. The money that I make is God’s money so I spend my money in a way to glorify God. Proverbs 28:27 says, “the one who gives to the poor will not be in need, but one who turns his eyes away will receives many curses”. Giving money and time to help the poor is very rewarding and according to the…

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  • Military Interview Essay

    accomplish the task of retaining the high performers, and elevating the average performers, we will be in an optimal scenario. It is my assertion that any organization can relate to Romans 12:5 where we are taught, “So in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others”. (HCSB, 2004) It seems as though your healthcare environment and my military workplace could benefit in great way by applying the theory of this passage. Daniela, I look forward to reading more…

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