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  • An Analysis Of Consider The Lobster By David Foster Wallace

    “Consider the Lobster” boils down to the treatment and sensitivity of lobsters. In August of 2004, a satirical and forthright account of the Maine Lobster Festival (MLF) was published in Gourmet Magazine. At first glance, it is a routine portrayal of the wonders of a popular festival. Upon closer inspection, however, it becomes evident that David Foster Wallace does not sing the festival’s praises or provide insider tips. In spite of his unconventional viewpoint, he does more than delve into the history of lobsters and question the way they are prepared; he uses the festival as a vessel to allude to the commonplace atrocities and overlooked injustices in American culture. In his derisive article, Wallace explores the moral and ethical implications associated with societal norms through strong Aristotelian appeals and a confident style of diction. Of the pillars of the rhetorical triangle, pathos is very prominent in Wallace’s work; he expertly forces readers to empathize by personifying lobsters and immerse themselves into certain situations. “...it is difficult not to sense that they’re unhappy, or frightened, even if it’s some rudimentary version of these feelings ... and, again, why does rudimentariness even enter into it? Why is a primitive, inarticulate form of suffering less urgent or uncomfortable for the person who’s helping to inflict it…” (Wallace 64). Here, the author personifies the lobster by comparing its pain to that of more sensitive beings. Why is boiling a…

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  • Analysis Of Consider The Lobster By David Wallace

    David Wallace’s article of “Consider the Lobster” is a very unique article and went above and beyond to grab the reader’s attention on a sensitive subject; the senses and feels of an animal that later becomes our food. The idea of putting yourself in the bodies of an animal that us humans later consume, is both a disturbing and difficult task. Wallace, an American novelist and professor, was assigned to cover the “Maine Lobster Festival” held in late July in the state’s mid-coast region, or…

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  • The Homarus: The True Lobster

    The Homarus americanus also known as the true lobster, the northern lobster, and the Maine lobster play a imperative role in the ecosystem. They are a ample source of food for America and all around the world because fishermen harvest such preponderant amounts lobster. Sometimes they are over fished so places such as the European Union, Canada, the U.S, and New Zealand are starting the manage the amount of lobsters harvested so that fishermen do not deplete the source. The reason they are so…

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  • Spiny Research Papers

    Effect of salinity on ovarian development in sub-adults of Indian spiny lobster, Panulirus homarus (Linnaeus) * K. Vidya, Shoji Joseph and P. B. Ajithkumar Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Cochin-18, Kerala, India. Telephone : 0091-0484- 2394867/2394357 Fax : 0091-0484-2394909/2396685 E-mail: vidyakuttikrishnan@gmail.com Abstract The study…

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  • Stock Deficit Analysis

    conducted by the Gulf of Maine Research Institute (2009), which found that although 39% of Maine’s lobstermen possessed alternative fishing permits, but only 15% utilized those opportunities. Consequently, it has also been found that increased yields over two decades has narrowed the nautical skills and abilities of younger fishermen, therefore, further limiting potential income opportunities (Steneck et al., 2010, p. 2). Due to current gaps in research, these factors prompt the need for further…

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