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  • Narrative Essay On My First Home Run

    First Home Run The pitcher steps on to the mound and is ready to pitch, and whoosh in comes a fastball and crack the way I hit the ball sounded like banging a hammer on a piece of metal and as I took off running I watched the ball sail out of the park for my first home run. As I rounded second base I could hear the voices of sister Larissa my mom Leeann and my dad John screaming for me and could feel a lot of excitement from the crowd. In this story I am going to tell you about when I hit my first home run and second home run and how doing such really amazing thing can humble you.. And one more thing I will talk about is the type of bat I was using and where you can buy that type of baseball equipment. So this was the day me and my parents…

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  • Sammy Sosa Research Papers

    November 12, 1968. However when Sosa turned 7 years old, his father died and to support his family Sosa had to find a job. During that time Sosa played a primitive form of baseball, and quickly showed that he had a natural talent for the sport. By the age of 16 Sosa go into the texas rangers, where he agreed on a salary of $3,500. Sosa used a little of that money to buy a bike and he gave the rest to his mother. In 1986 Sosa came to Sarasota, Florida, United States, and he made his professional…

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  • The Steroid Era

    For this reason, players like Bonds have not been voted into the Hall of Fame. Some voters do not want the Hall of Fame to be the home to cheaters, which in turn makes sense, but, how can a person not believe that the home run king should not be in the Hall of Fame? Voters believe the MLB takes it light and easy on players that take steroids, by making more benefits than consequences for players that have not used PEDs. Some players that have used PEDs have broken records held by legends of the…

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  • Steroids In Baseball

    Former big leaguer, Ken Caminiti, discussed his steroid usage in the late 90’s with TomVerducci, who writes for Sports Illustrated primarily about baseball. He is also a field reporter for the MLB postseson. In 1996 Caminiti began taking steroids to recover from a shoulder injury. In the second half of that season, Caminiti hit 28 home runs—his previous high for a season had been 26. Caminiti finished the season with 40 home runs, a .326 batting average, and 130 runs batted in. Each of these far…

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  • A Narrative Essay On One Day Addien

    I am going to hit this out of the park then his dad said do not be cokey. Then the pitch came right in his sweet spot and he hit a home run which won they the game. They started to celebrate and they were opening jesus bottles and spraying the juice on each other. Then he went back home and went to bed for the night. Then it was morning and the game to see who wins the cup was today after school. After school he went to the game and then the coach said if we win the cup he get to go to a…

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  • The Importance Of Barry Bonds In The Game Of Baseball

    were not favorable by a team’s fan base. Barry Bonds, with the help of a couple other notable home run hitters, reeled in fans across the nation to watch them play and hit home runs. On a baseball team’s line up for batting, the fourth hitting spot in the lineup of nine was designated for the most powerful hitter on the roster. With this tactic coaches, across the MLB, hoped for their first three batters to get on base to get into scoring position. The fourth batter would come up to the plate,…

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  • Social Media Impact On Sports

    2012). With the implementation of social media platforms, fans are given the opportunity to share their personal thoughts with people all around the world. They are able to tweet or post their own ideas without having to conform to what others think. These ideas or shared comments can spark interest in those non-sports fans and encourage them to view what is happening now in the sports industry. A specific example where the power of social media rapidly increased the audience size is a…

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  • New York Yankees Too Old To Be Successful?

    So you see the Yankees had a pretty good offense. Like most MlB there were times where the Yankees struggled to score runs so even well pitched games like a one to nothing game the Yankees still lost because of the struggling offense it happens to every team during a season it is a common thing for every team during a season, no team can have a great offense all throughout the year if they do the chances of that team making the playoffs is pretty much a given. One may think it is because of old…

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  • Babe Ruth: The Baseball Hall Of Fame

    Babe dominated the game. “He changed baseball from a grind it out style to one of power and high scoring games.” He made all the record books from a hitting standpoint and a batting standpoint. In 1920, he bested the home run record he already set by belting 54 home runs. It is said that his 1921 season may have been the greatest in MLB history. That season, he made a new record of 59 home runs, drove in 171 RBI, scored 177 runs, batted .376 and had an .846 slugging percentage. With Babe in the…

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  • Baseball: A Hero's Accomplishments

    Jaxson Ziemann Miss Davis College Prep English 2 31 March 2017 A Hero’s Accomplishments Baseball is known as America’s pastime for good reason. The sport is does many things to draw interest to the game and how it’s played. Baseball is highly competitive, complex, and difficult to master. That is why people enjoy it so much. A game’s outcome could change with one pitch, and one swing of the bat. On Tuesday, September 8th, a ball is hit and leaves the field over the left field wall. Just like…

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