Homestead Strike

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  • Homestead Lockout And Strike Analysis

    The Homestead lockout and strike of 1892 had a big impact on the labor movement of the late 19th century. The misapplication of Darwinian thought is used to explain the misuse of free market techniques. Based on the lecture given in class, Social Darwinism was developed by British philosopher Herbert Spencer who applied Charles Darwin’s theory of biological evolution to society. It is described as a process that came as a result of competition where the strong succeeded and the weak died. Social Darwinism insisted that neither government nor human intervention should be used in order to help the poor. In order to advance humanity, the unfit should be allowed to die off. This was viewed as a natural progression, and government intervention was not and could not be tolerated to stop a natural state of affairs. In this setting, the desire for economic wealth and social success led to misusing both Laissez-Faire philosophies, which stress the fair use of market principles, and…

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  • Andrew Carnegie's Contribution To The Steel Industry

    management had flared up all over the country. Carnegie’s steel company was also suffering from the depression and as of January 1,1888, he ordered all his employee to return to the two-shift, twelve-hour day. Moreover, as soon his workers found out about Carnegie’s decision they went on strike so, Carnegie shut down work until the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel (one of the largest unions in the country) employee agreed to negotiate. Carnegie’s proposed the men one option: they could…

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  • The Industrialization Of Andrew Carnegie And The Industrial Revolution

    had a sixth sense for picking men” or that “he chose people instinctively”, as he chose people that had previously failed and turned them into “geniuses” (109). However, the opposite was in fact true. Carnegie’s observations and data led him to hire the best man possible. Carnegie “hired the best man whatever the cost in wages because he realized, ‘There is no labor so cheap as the dearest in the mechanical field’”(109). Even though he learned his technique from his time working for a railroad…

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  • Laissez Faire And Social Darwinism

    continue. Finally, the strikes broke out. Social Darwinism and laissez-faire is what allowed the economy and specifically workers to fall beyond repair. Change was desperately needed which would involve the government intervening. This strike clearly symbolizes the growing frustrations between labor and management. The workers were taken advantage of and ripped apart by management who was greedy and selfish. This strike screams frustration because the workers just could not do it any longer.…

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  • Business Relationship Between Andrew Carnegie And Henry Clay Frick

    barbed wire fences around the mill. This possibly increased tensions on their end. “Port holes with ugly mouths grimly look out upon the peaceful valley from the mill, fort, barricade, stockade, or whatever the Carnegie plant at Homestead could be called to-day, and silently bear witness that they are there, not for the peaceful purposes of steel manufacture, but for struggle and fight” (Standford, 2005).Although Carnegie denies any knowledge of the exact action that Frick was going to take, he…

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  • Meet You In Hell Analysis

    Social Conditions in “Meet You In Hell” Les Standiford’s 2005 “Meet You In Hell” biography of two men, Andrew Carnegie and Henry Clay Frick, recalls the events after and before the bloody incident that occurred on July of 1892. The incident involving the steelworkers and Pinkerton, so called detectives, from the steel manufacturing plant in Homestead Pennsylvania came to be known as “the deadliest clash between workers and owners in American labor history” (Standiford, 28). After the dust had…

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  • Why Andrew Carnegie Went Wrong

    near massacre of the Homestead Mill Strike in 1892. This was around the era of when America was revolutionizing industries and establishing the countries economy. Some may say that these were ruthless and cutthroat times of business. However, one man came out of it extremely successful and made a name for himself, it was Andrew Carnegie, a true “entrepreneur.” Andrew Carnegie was born and raised in the country of Scotland. He later made his way to America, started many companies, and became…

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  • The Impact Of Andrew Carnegie On American Society

    studying history to consider the viewpoints and morals of the time rather the present because what may seem unethical now, from a business standpoint, was most likely considered necessary and unavoidable during Carnegie’s time. Holding a nineteenth-century man to twenty-first-century business morals is a not an accurate assessment of his character. There is one event in particular which critics heavily criticized. In 1892, the Carnegie Steel 's Homestead strike erupted into violence in which…

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  • The Industrialization And Political Impacts Of The Gilded Age

    In 1892, the Homestead (steel) Strike occurred, which involved skilled worker at Carnegie steel mill, where jobs were becoming more and more automated, and Carnegie was able to hire less workers for lower wages, almost as if the workers were competing with a machine for a job. For 92 days the mill was held by the state militia, a major battle between the workers of the mill and private security agents erupted, causing 12 deaths. As a result, this was a huge blunder for workers because it setback…

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  • Why Was Andrew Carnegie A Hero

    Carnegie paid his workers only about $1.81 when they worked for about 10.67 hours, which was one of the highest paying job in manufacturing. Whereas, Carnegie statistically made $9,200 ($92,000 as of today) every hour (Doc I). Also, during the Homestead Strike, Carnegie knew something bad was going to happen but ran off and left his Vice President Henry Clay Frick who used methods that were horrible to get what he wanted (Film).The relationship with his workers is a good reason why Andrew…

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