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  • Modern Homesteading

    Introduction Modern homesteading, also known as the back-to-the-land movement or self sufficient living, is made up of a community of people seeking independence through small scale independent farming, food preservation, and crafting. The above-mentioned were the “modern worker, who dependent on wage or salary, lodged in city flat or closely built-up suburb and held to the daily grind by family demands or other complicating circumstances, has watched for a chance to escape the cramping limitations of his surroundings, to take his life into his own hands and live it in the country, in a decent, simple kindly way” (Nearing, 1970, p. 11). The information needs of these would be homesteaders and the modern homesteaders, include an orientation to this self reliant style of living, as well as aids that teach the skills required to live the lifestyle successfully. Their needs are met by reading the written biographies of other homesteaders and homesteading reference books as well as skill-specific books, internet websites, and joining online communities. Resources Researched-Based Information Resource Back to Basics: A Complete Guide to…

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  • Essay On Homesteading

    Methodology I have always had a fascination with homesteading. It began with my father’s stories of growing up on a homestead and his memories of the animals and the garden. His stories bloomed into reading autobiographies of homesteaders, such as The Good Life by Scott and Helen Nearing, and Hard Times in Paradise by David and Micki Colfax. These stories are what led me to live in rural Hawaii where many collect rain water, grow our own food, and have learned to be less consumer driven. While…

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  • Modern Homesteading Community

    The modern homesteading community, is one of people seeking self-reliance and independence for a myriad of reasons through small scale independent farming and food preservation and crafting. The homesteader is more that just a famer and embodies a broad and contradictory spectrum of motives, affiliations, and material practices. (Wilbur, p.154). As Rebeca Kneale Gould states “the homesteader has converted to a new way of life in which the practice of everyday life is a chosen ‘answer’ to a…

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  • Essay On Modern Homesteading

    While this homesteading program has ended, the desire to own a piece of land where one could be independent and self-sufficient has not. Today people are digging up their front yards and planting gardens, unplugging from the grid, and striving for a lifestyle and an ideology that is totally different than the one they know. They are the modern homesteader. The term modern homesteader or just simply homesteader is the most common used by researchers to define a group of people “leading a…

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  • The History Of Homesteading In Colorado

    Prior to her decision to live off of 160 acres of land on a three-year residence claim in Tahosa Valley, Garetson had led what she considered a mediocre life in St. Louis. In 1909, she accompanied her family to Colorado in order to rehabilitate her nephew who had fallen ill with tuberculosis. It was during this trip that Garetson and her family became fond of Longs Peak Inn, where they would vacation for the next five summers. In 1914, she happened upon two travelers who told her about…

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  • Farming In Willa Cather's O Pioneers

    describes a great depiction of what life was like for the pioneers that mastered cultivating the land and creating civilization. The Homestead act was passed as a law in 1862 by former President Abraham Lincoln (“The Homestead…” p.n. 1). The act was put into action in order to cultivate the Western Plains and create communities and build farm land. Former President Lincoln wanted to build civilization by passing the Homestead act. The meaning of homesteading is “establishing [land] or…

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  • The Grapes Of Wrath And The Dust Bowl Essay

    The 20th century was a time for the United States of America to remember. It was the time, where the United States America have moved beyond gunfighters, mining and homesteading but an industrialized nation and a world superpower. It was the time of Industrialized and civilized nation where there was no more child labor and Prohibition era which was the banned of alcohol. However, the twentieth century also was a time that caused the United States of America in a shaky situation with the effects…

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  • Westward Expansion 19th Century

    The foundation of the United States was based upon expansion of territory on several ideological bases. Post revolutionary and establishment period expansion came to the budding nation of America as it formed a conceptual necessity to move westward. Westward expansion in the United states took several motivating purposes after crossing the Appalachian mountains in the late eighteenth century. Broad purposes for expansion from the early nineteenth century to the civil war include the idea of…

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  • Leadership Style Of Abraham Lincoln

    No longer did people feel they had no choice but to suffer through the drudgery of life in eastern cities…. America has always rightfully been called the “land of opportunity,” and never in its history has that title been more appropriate than during the homesteading era. Agriculture in America was largely expanded and revolutionized by the Homestead Act. While the western lands on which many homesteaded were often bleak and dry, many of them were fit for the production of crops that…

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  • Laura Elizabeth Ingalls Little House Analysis

    agricultural career that Laura had a window into the writing world. With Rose helping Laura, they managed to get Laura’s articles published in “McCall 's” and “Country Gentleman”; these two national magazines did wonders for Laura’s publicity. Another reason Laura started her career in writing was to keep the stories her father told alive. As a child, Laura stated that she loved her father 's stories best. Mostly Laura thought her hardworking parents deserved some recognition for everything they…

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