American Old West

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  • Film Analysis: The American Old West

    I had read episode one and episode two. The American Old West has always been the center of a romanticized view people had in the 1800 's from all over the world. The West is an eight-part television documentary regrading the American Old West. In it, the West is presented as a vast and beautiful landscape where many people from different parts of the world come to purse a prosperous life. A new world for some and the center of the universe for others. Stretching from the Mississippi to the Pacific Ocean it is dubbed "the most extraordinary land on Earth". Many people had come to the West from distant lands, the Spanish moving from Mexico, the French and the British moving from the South and the Russians as well as the Chinese from the East.…

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  • Personal Narrative: The American Old West

    If I could spend one day in the shoes of someone in a setting foreign to me, it would without question be with a constituent of the American Old West. Living in this time period would be gratifying because I appreciate how people fulfilled their share of the work in the community. This includes judges, merchants, and farm managers. Everybody had a role defined through their work. There was togetherness as well as individualism and freedom. Preferably, I would be a law enforcer experiencing…

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  • Charles Russell And Frederic Remington's The Fall Of The Cowboy

    Charles Russell and Frederic Remington were artists well-known for their depiction of the Old West. Using posters, oil on canvas, and bronze as mediums, they provide an extensive journey from 1888 to 1909 revealing the atmosphere in association with the West. The expansion West provided an opportunity for the United States to not only grow as a nation, but to explore new territories for resources, land, and settlement. In relation, the closing of the frontier in 1890 signified the result of…

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  • Essay On Homesteading

    required inter-library loans. Articles that I did not extract from the reference page of other articles were found using Academic Complete Search and JSTOR. Keywords searched for included homesteading, self-reliant living, and off grid. Additional keywords added to these were technology and social media. The first article found was written by Teresa Heinz Housel. Her reference page at the end of her article led to Jeffery Jacob whose work is often cited by many researchers concerning…

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  • Compare And Contrast Cowboy Western Wear

    Living in a place like Dallas or Houston affords for some great fashion looks. Just walking down the street in one of these southern cities gives you a glimpse into real cowboy western wear. Leather boots, blue jeans and ten-gallon hats dot the landscape in Texas. If you love the look but you live farther north, you might think dressing like a cowboy or cowgirl is off limits. That’s really not the case as anyone can pull of the western wear look with the right clothes. The staple of any look…

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  • Far West Disadvantages

    Civil War, many people moved to the Far West due to its wet and lush territory, high mountains, flat plains, treeless prairies and great forests. These different societies that developed in the “Far West” included the Western Tribes, the Spanish, Chinese immigrants and white settlers. Firstly, the Plains Indians, the most powerful of the Indian tribes, adapted to the new environment of the Far West by hunting buffalo, which was a big part of their livelihood as they used it for their food and…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Tombtone, Arizona

    For my brother’s thirteenth birthday we went to Tombstone Arizona. We lived in Arizona at the time and we had always wanted to go to Tombstone after we watched the Tombstone movie. When my mom told us we were going to be able to go, we got so excited we didn’t care about the long drive. When we got there, we had no idea what we wanted to do. There was so much we could do and we wanted to do it all. The first thing we did when we got there was go to all the souvenir stores and buy a bunch…

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  • The Romanticization Of The West

    The West has been romanticized throughout American history and culture. Brinkley states, “since the earliest moments of European settlement in America, the image of uncharted territory to the west had always comforted and inspired those who dreamed of starting life anew” (457). Despite the Americans’ idealized visions of the West, the realities Americans faced once moving there were harsh and unfriendly. The West was composed of multi-ethnic areas, unfortunately, racism was still prevalent.…

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  • The Man Who Shot Liberty Of Valance: Film Analysis

    Ford’s film, “The Man Who Shot Liberty of Valance” is a depiction of an inevitable transition whereby the society is transformed from an old social order to a modern one. In this film, Ford brings to perspective the society that he created in the past and how it died as a result of the new transition in form of modernization. In this film, the western frontier ideals are brought to light with the transition from an old social order characterized by lawlessness embodied by the gunslingers into a…

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  • The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance Analysis

    John Ford’s The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance is a depiction of an inescapable transition where the society is transformed from an old and wild social order to a modern and organized one. In this film, Ford brings to perspective the society in the past and how it died as a result of modernization. The western frontier ideals are brought to light with the transition from a lawless social order embodied by the gunslingers into a modern society governed by law and order (Ebert). The inevitable…

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