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  • Identity Crisis In Karim's Remembering Fanon

    His unshakable sense of incompleteness is ultimately cause by his own two-dimensionality. Applying Homi Bhabha’s reasoning in Remembering Fanon, Karim’s hybrid identity causes him to occupy two places at once. As a result, such degraded post-colonial subjects can become immeasurable objects, quite literally difficult to place. Stuart Hall, in Cultural Identity and Diaspora, addresses this problem of hybrid identity as he concludes that the complexity of identity exceeds the conventional binary structure of representation. Consequently, dualistic identities becomes mutually excluding categories. Eventually, the adult Karim seems to come to the conclusion that there is a space for both of his identities to exist. By accommodating his identity, stressing either his Englishness or Indianness when it serves to benefit him in some way, Karim is constantly…

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  • What Is The Difference Between Hal And Djebar By Edward Said

    This book offers an explanation of Edward Said 's evaluation of contemporary society by stressing the religious/secular division. Hart argues that this division is equally factual and metaphorical: It addresses spiritual and worldly customs, but also allegories that broaden the connotation and position of faith and secularism in an undetermined manner. Incorporating reviews and critiques of Said will help me present a rounded, unbiased view of his work within my dissertation. In this article,…

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  • Space And Identity In Shani Mootoo's Cereus Blooms At Night

    structural theorist Homi K. Bhabha. With words such as Location of Culture and “Of mimicry and Man: the Ambivalence of Colonial Discourse,” his research regarding the importance of “beyond space,” which are spaces we create within restrictive, patriarchal, colonized spaces; third spaces; mimicry; and fluidity, which is the ability to traverse between our various identities and cultures, are crucial to not only understanding the novel, but understanding how to craft healthy and cohesive…

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  • Dal Fiduciary Rule Analysis

    interest of the client, by recommending the best investments at the lowest prices. Implementation of the new rule is set out to prevent the $17 billion a year in government claims by reducing the exorbitant fees associated with financial planners. However, this has caused a major disruption to all financial advisors and how they operate (currently) under less stringent standard that requires investment advice to be “suitable”. These Independent broker-dealers face the greatest disruption due to…

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  • Paragraph About Korean Drama

    Today, my topic is about Korean drama. Korean drama is very popular in the world, especially in Asia. l am very interested in this phenomenon. According to my research, it can be divided into three types------middle-aged women, teenagers and sociologists. The first type is middle-aged women. Middle-aged women like to watch Korean drama. We should analyze the common characteristics in this age. Middle-aged women’s ages are between 35 to 55, and this type can continue to be divided into two…

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  • Hip Hop In South Korea

    Entering in the 21st century, K-pop took not only the country, but the world by storm—a phenomenon also known as the “Hallyu Wave”. International success of the industry led to the emergence of giant entertainment corporations. Companies like SM, YG, JYP, Cube are known as entertainment factories that create, perfect, and toss out boy bands and girl groups. But the sudden influx of groups inevitably leads to competition. The industry has turned into an arena that hosts a game of who can whip out…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Abstinence Experience

    For my abstinence experience, I decided to give up Korean media for nine weeks. This type of media included YouTube videos involving reality shows of different popular Korean figures, Korean shows, and news involving Korean popular culture. I chose this habit because it has been an intricate part of my life for a few years now. Last year, I noticed that I appeared to have an addiction to watching Korean shows and other Korean media on YouTube. It reached a point where I was watching it almost…

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  • The Influence Of Korean Pop Music

    from the popularity and global spread of Korean dramas and Korean pop music. Korean pop music, more widely known as K-pop, has been a driving force in the Hallyu 2.0 wave since the late 1990s. The Korean idol pop aspect of K-pop, in which performers sing and dance simultaneously, has grown into an international phenomenon, winning the hearts of countless people, both native and foreign to South Korea. These Korean idols are perceived as healthy and happy by the general public. However, due to…

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  • Mcdonald's Persuasive Jobs

    No kid ever wants to work in fast food. So, when I turned sixteen I promised myself I would never work in a stinky, smelly, fast food joint. So I applied at every “cool” retail shop in the mall. I got one call back but didn’t end up making the cut. Sadly, my worst nightmare came true I had to take the plunge and apply at fast food restaurants. A few days later, I received a call from McDonald’s wanting to set up an interview. I went in for the interview a few days later, and was offered the job…

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  • Be My Escape Poem Analysis

    The song, “Be My Escape”, by Relient K, uses one main poetic device to convey the story that the speaker is telling: metaphor. Throughout the poem, the speaker illustrates that they are locked inside a house. We are told that they know how to get out, because they know who has the key, however they are afraid of what lies beyond their safe walls out in the world. They initially think that they know what is best for themselves. Eventually they come to the conclusion that they must take the chance…

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