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  • Bleeding Kansas Summary

    Bleeding Kansas: Contested Liberty in the Civil War Era Bleeding Kansas covers a dark time in Kansas when there was violence and death was around every corner during the Civil War. At first there were only political and social wars. When Kansas was being decided on whether the state should be free or slave, a big concern came out of this decision: the fate of white men’s liberty in the republic. Nicole Etcheson is a professor at Ball State University and has written books covering the Civil War era. Etchesons specialties are Sectional crisis, Jacksonian era, and Civil War and Reconstruction. She grew up in Indiana and got a PhD from Indiana University in 1991. Her works cover the Civil War and Midwestern history. Some of these are A Generation at War: The Civil War Era in a Northern Community, The Emerging Midwest, and Bleeding Kansas. She has also written numerous articles and journal entries. One main goal of this assignment was to find something different and unique; something that other people wouldn’t choose. Bleeding Kansas was during the Civil War era which we had not covered yet, so this topic is not as popular as ones that we have covered. The name itself also has a feeling to it. It gives off a feeling of darkness, and with the title drama is something that can be expected in the book. Being based…

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  • Meredith And Meredith Character Analysis

    Dr james sets up a room to begin. Dr james starts the procedure and comes to realize he has no clue what exactly he is doing. Dr.James ends up completing the abortion but he doesn’t know how or Why Meredith is hemorrhaging. Meredith just keeps bleeding and bleeding and eventually she dies. Dr.James freaks out and ends up cleaning up every trace of evidence suggesting he was there and leaves so he is not caught and in trouble. Rita arrives at the building at the time Meredith says she would…

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  • Matthew's Nightmare Short Story

    house. It was storming outside. With every flash of lightning, more of this area was revealed. Near his bed, a dismembered body. On his wall, a human sculpture. On his floor, a trail of blood leading to the living room. "Do you think some measly quote will help him?" The trail of blood on the living room floor gave way to bloody handprints, bloody footprints. "You can 't win." As one got closer to the living room, the bloody streaks on the wall became more evident. More prevalent. It…

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  • Book Summary: The Journey To Nowhere

    watering hole somewhere, and they had to find it. After three hours of searching, they found the water, out of desperation they rushed to the water. After filling up their canteens Jamal decide that she would wash up a bit. While washing her face she did not realize the crocodile sneaking up on her. As in opened its powerful jaws, Florida, who was resting under a tree, saw the beast and tried to warn Jamal, but was too later the croc snapped her arm. She was stuck with half an arm in the crocs…

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  • Early Vitamink Research Papers

    Early vitamin K deficiency bleeding occurs in 1 and 60 newborns born in the first 0-24 hours after birth. Mothers who used certain medications during their pregnancy makes it a higher risk for early deficiency bleeding also making it more severe. Late vitamin K deficiency bleeding in 2-12 weeks after birth occurs in 1 in 14,000 infants. 30%-60% of these infants have bleeding within the brain and tend to occur in breastfed only babies who have not received the vitamin K shot. All pregnant…

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  • The Invention Of Earle Dickinson's Band-AID

    for people in need. He originally created it for his wife when one day he came home and saw she was bleeding. Originally, Band-AIDS were made for people close to the heart but that quickly changed as time went on. Try to picture the world without any Band-AIDS. Our world would be so much more different and think of how many people wounded wouldn't be treated and the hospitals would be chaos with so many people bleeding badly. Think of your loved ones who get a small cut, but since we don't have…

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  • Hemorrhagic Shock Research Paper

    First you want to make sure the patient’s airway is not compromised, (if their airway in compromised administer oxygen or assist with breathing) ensure they are breathing normally, 12-20 respirations per minute. Oxygen delivery is must because without proper oxygen to our organs the patient cannot be treated for shock. To ensure the patient is breathing properly, besides vitals you can ask them simple questions that anybody should know, what day is it? What is your birthday? After you have…

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  • My Most Important Lessons Learned In Golf

    very ten seconds I had to wave my hand in front of the sensor. I used a combination of wet and dry paper towels to dry and clear the blood that had already created a gross crust, the sign on the dispenser said “Take one please.” I felt like I was an exception in this moment. A few teachers walked by and asked if I was okay a few times, I just kept saying that I was fine. I don’t think I ever really convinced any of them because every time I responded I would wipe away another drop of blood…

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  • Essay On Gunshot Wound

    Always put direct pressure to the wound. Carefully assess the situation to determine that there is any worrying signs. There is another way to put the pressure – apply indirect pressure. This is done by putting pressure on arteries, hard veins in case of treating wound or arm or leg. Thanks to applying that pressure on them we can limited internal bleeding. In case if bleeding is extremely serve and there is bandage or some piece if material available we can consider to make a tourniquet.…

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  • Research Paper On Ebola

    Capillary leakage is said to be the major cause of blood volume loss inside the infected person’s circulatory system, severe bleeding, shock and acute respiratory disorders have also been seen in the most violent and fatal cases. Patients basically die because of severe blood loss causing the body to go into shock. Those people infected with severe illness from the Ebola Virus often have fevers, are severely delirious, agitated, combative, violent, and difficult to control. (1) The Ebola virus…

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