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  • Jaws Sound Analysis

    Jaws has been memorable since its release in 1975, but most of its success is due to the magic of editing, which helped hide mechanical defects of production while heightening suspense, and its iconic music, both of which cemented Jaws’ position as a blockbuster. Though the concept of the titular creature becomes obvious shortly after the film beings, the crazily large man eating shark remains mostly unseen throughout the film. Unfortunately, the technology was not available to construct a large realistic shark, so rather than come off looking absurdly unrealistic, the choice was made to leave the image of the shark up to the editors, who were left with horrible raw footage of a floating barge, and transformed it into something the viewers were genuinely afraid of.…

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  • Blockbusters Reboot Analysis

    cultures – within this hegemony the characters on offer are largely white and heterosexual with only few exceptions here and there. With some network shows trying to normalize having people of colour in prominent roles, and displaying natural and neutral queer romances, we are narrowing the gap between these marginalized groups and equal representation, but there is still a lot of ground to cover. Stuart Hall’s take on cultural struggle offers us a great template, through which we can look at…

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  • Blockbuster Case Study

    Mariah Haywood Per.1 Blockbuster The business I chose is Blockbuster. Blockbuster was established in Dallas Texas on October 19, 1985. David Cook is the founder of the business. In 1987 Blockbuster is sold to a trio of investors, including Waste Management Inc. founder Wayne Huizenga, for $1.8 million dollars. In 1992 Blockbuster is the undisputed video rental leader, with over 2,800 stores worldwide. The company’s growth is driven by acquisitions of other retailers such as Britain’s…

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  • Case Study Blockbuster

    The blockbuster is based on their company’s key element of its business model such as high visibility, convenient locations, a wide selection of titles, national advertising those business model element to apply in its distribution channel strategic which include brick-and-mortar store model, online store model, video on demand and vending machine model to further expand their business and to better fit with the local stores. Among four of this distribution channel, only the brick-and-mortar…

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  • Blockbuster Case Study Of Netflix

    The first Blockbuster that was established was in Dallas Texas and opened October 19, 1985, and the original owner was David cook. David Cook owned a business before blockbuster that provided computer software services to an oil company. David later sold that business and ceased the opportunity in the video retail industry, the first store opened was said to have over 8,000 VCR tapes on shelves and a computer checkout system. David's business plans had succeeded and the following year he opened…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Netflix

    our society who have adopted Netflix as an accepted venue for entertainment. Research has shown that 9 out of 10 families have some form of cable and internet in their homes and many of them subscribe to Netflix. The idea behind Reed Hastings, starting the company in 1997 was triggered by the fact that he was faced with an outrageous late fee after returning a movie from a video rental company. He concluded that he could provide potential customers the entertainment they wanted from the…

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  • Netflix Research Paper

    Netflix Netflix has become a normal form of relaxation for the average family in today’s world. Research has shown that 9 out of 10 families have some sort of cable and many of them happen to have Netflix. Reed Hasting started the company back in 1997, when he experienced an outrageous late fee after returning a movie from one of the video companies. He figured he could give people what they really desired from the comfort of their own home with less hassle. Since then Netflix became a…

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  • Language Techniques In Avatar

    The movie I am analysing is Avatar (2009) it is directed and written by James Cameron who also co- produced the movie with Jon Landau , the music was provided by James Horner and the cinematography by Mauro Fiore . The movie grossed of 700 million in the United States alone while international it made over 2 billion making it the highest grossing film of all time. James Cameron began writing the movie in 1994 and was supposed to begin shooting it in 1997 after finishing his other movie titanic…

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  • The Film Industry In The 1940's

    hovering around less than 20 million a week in theatre goers. Revenues plummeted and ideas were needed to refresh the industry. Film makers eventually had to remove the established star system and go with a picture to picture model. No longer bearing guaranteed contracts film studios had the flexibility to pick and choose who they wanted on a regular basis. Films were also targeted to younger audiences with sophisticated and elaborate plots to carry the movie along. The film industry was…

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  • The Importance Of Design Thinking In Michael Lewis 'CAD Monkeys'

    When new industries prosper and disrupt the old, the old are then forced to adapt to the new market or fail. For example, when the new television streaming company, Netflix, began to flourish, the old Blockbuster failed to adapt and many stores went out of business. Innovation happens through a creative process, design thinking, that challenges the way things have been done in the past. In CAD Monkeys, Warren Berger defines design thinking as a way to view things sideways, how to reframe,…

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