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  • Blind Spot Summary

    In addition to reading Blind Spot, the freshman class was required to attend an informational seminar about the text titled Global Citizenship: An Imperative for the 21st Century. It was held by Dr. Rich Salas, an assistant professor and director of multicultural affairs at Des Moines University. The main points he made were that people need to think about how their actions affect others, especially when dealing with race. Also, intention vs. impact in these actions we make and what we can try and do to get rid of those mind bugs that are subconsciously impairing our actions. The most imperative fact I concluded from both the book and the speaker is that everyone has biases. Even those who are “good” have stereotypes instilled into their brain without realizing it. Dr. Salas made this clear by admitting he too has biases. He continued on to tell a story about when he went for a run in Chicago. While he was out, he encountered a group of African Americans. Instinctively, he crossed over to the other side of the road and continued on…

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  • The Positiv Homeland Analysis

    mistakes that not have been released to the general public. The show tries to enhance the amazing work done by the CIA. However, it also tries to hide its failures as much as it can. A notion of hiding mistakes can be perceived several times along the show. There is a very powerful moment in the story where one can infer that human errors can happen even within the CIA. For example, when Carrie Madison suspects that long time captive U.S. Marine Nicholas Brody had been turn and therefore she…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Blind Spots

    My blind spots in terms of people that I might be leaving out and the opportunities I might be missing are with people who are generally quiet and don’t talk much, also with people who talk a lot. I don’t talk to people I don’t know that well because it’s like what is there to talk about? It’s kinda awkward at first because sometimes there is simply nothing to say. Now I realize that I could be missing out on some interesting people, but when you try to talk to someone and they give you short…

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  • My Blind Spot : Unrealistic Role Expectations

    My blind spot is unrealistic role expectations. The ELI points out that I can become influenced by the expectations of the various community and set unrealistic role expectations for myself. I might develop a belief that I can solve everyone’s problems and by doing that I undermine that others are responsible for their own choices. I might have a false judgement that I deserve special treatment because of my role. Without clear thinking, I may not be able to assess my effectiveness accurately in…

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  • Descriptive Essay About My Gym

    have been able to meet many people from the gym that I would have never met otherwise. Through the years there have been quite a few people that have come and gone through the gym. Some did not know what to expect and did not like it or people who just didn't like putting in the time to really learn anything and improve. I have also had the opportunity to meet many different people from around the country and even the world from going to different seminars and training camps, none of which I…

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  • Our Blind Spot About Guns, By Nicholas Kristof Analysis

    Makenna Lehr Mrs. Fridley Composition 1 23 October 2017 A War Between Guns and Regulations Guns are here, guns are there, guns are everywhere! According to Nicholas Kristof, author of “Our Blind Spot about Guns,” guns should be regulated like cars to make them safer to the general public.. He gives information about the history of automobiles and explains the reasons why cars were regulated. Kristof provides statistical information to confirm that thousands of people have died annually in…

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  • Analysis Of Our Blind Spot About Guns By Nicholas Kristof

    In 2013 guns claimed the lives of over 33,000 people, while cars claimed just under 33,000 lives. A lot of people suggest that gun fatalities would be lessened if guns were regulated like cars are, this Is the point that Nicholas Kristof talks about in his New York Times essay “Our Blind Spot about Guns”. Others point out that cars and guns are not the most accurate analogy, like writer Greg Camp in his article “Guns are not cars; cars are not guns”. Regulating guns as much as we…

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  • There Is A Blind Spot In AI Research By Kate Crawford And Ryan Calo

    Crawford, Kate, and Ryan Calo. “There Is a Blind Spot in AI Research.” Nature, vol. 538, no. 7625, 2016, p. 311. In the article There Is a Blind Spot in AI Research, Kate Crawford and Ryan Calo explain how Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already made in impact on our society. They urge readers to focus on how AI has impacted “social, cultural, and political settings.” While some of them effects are good, others are bad. It is easier now for doctors to diagnose illnesses, but doctors do not…

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  • Understanding Through Senses Other Than Sight In Raymond Carver's Cathedral

    by his wife’s blind friend. Originally the blind man has come to see the woman his friend who he hasn’t seen in years, however in this story the narrator is the one who benefits most from the presence of the blind man. Although the narrator is her husband the blind man seems to know more about the woman than him, the wife and the blind man have been communicating by sending tapes with recorded messages and poems to each other through mail since before the woman married her now husband, when the…

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  • Analysis Of The Ones Who Walk Away From Memelas By Le Guin

    child all for the sake of the rest of the town. An exchange for the happiness and prosperity of the town one much suffer for the sake of the town. This causes many of the people in the town to not try and do anything to help the child, even if they want to. The expectation is placed upon everyone's shoulders that if one person is to forsake a rule and demise the town, they are not to help the child in the closet. They are not to comfort or be kind to the child for it will doom the town. So the…

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