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  • Haruki Murakami's Norwegian Wood

    As the era has advanced distinctive types of media, different mediums have been presented to the populace: stories, sonnets, films and so forth. Every type of media has its own particular different importance. Prior to the introduction of motion picture making, TV, writing had been a sufficient wellspring of stimulation. As innovation has advanced, writing can be viewed as motion pictures. Norwegian Wood was written by Haruki Murakami in 1987 and transformed into a film in 2010. The story revolves around two primary characters, Toru Watanbe and Naoko. Toru and Naoko experienced a progression of sad occasion when Naoko 's love interest and best friend, Kizuki, committed suicide during their time in college. The two were not able adapt to their misfortune and consequently moved to Tokyo to escape and begin another life. Suddenly, the two run into each another and the turn in the plot was built up as both focused on another form of relationship: non-romantic sexual partners. Not able to come in terms with her actions, Naoko finds herself losing her mind and subsequently, goes into a mental asylum. Amid this move, Toru guarantees Naoko that he would wait for her. Meanwhile, he is pulled in to another young lady he meets, Midori, which then later turns into something more. These occasions influence Naoko to confer suicide. The apparitions of Toru 's past lead him towards blame and gloom. He tries to conquer his feelings of dread and activities by setting out around Japan to get…

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  • The Importance Of The Weeping Willow Tree

    That is what makes it such a beautiful tree. Our campus Weeping Willow Tree consisted of inflorescence flowers. Looking closely we were able to see that they were already drying up. Also an interesting fact about this tree is that the flowers bloomed first and now at this time it’s starting to leaf. The Weeping Cherry Tree that we analyzed had a birds nest in it that we assumed was there since last year. The appearance of this tree is very similar to the Weeping Willow Tree. However, a…

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  • The Beginning Of My Life

    It isn’t the ideal way to start off a life, but the experience made me more outgoing. Even though I was very young and moving all over the place, all the people I had encountered influenced my life in positive ways. That opportunity alone set me in a direction where meeting new people and being open to new things is very rewarding. When I was about to go into Kindergarten, my grandparents had bought a house in Mckinney for my mom to rent from them. That was the time where my mom was more…

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  • Analysis Of Gertrude And Ophelia's Death In Hamlet

    detail, leading me to believe that Gertrude is trying to soften the blow for Laertes who is already enraged over his father’s death and his sister’s madness; the King says, “How much I had to do to clam his rage.” This is a typically selfish reaction of Claudius which serves to emphasize the need for Laertes to control his grief, as he is an extremely fiery character. Ophelia died after collecting flowers from over a brook. I think that she was collecting them to distribute to the court,…

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  • The Theme Of Enchanence In William Wordsworth's The Prelude

    In William Wordsworth’s autobiographical poem, The Prelude, the speaker, who in this case is also the poet, encounters unfamiliar aspects of the natural world. These unfamiliar aspects cause the speaker’s changing responses to his experience evolving from an ignorantly blissful boy who enjoys the “troubled pleasure” (ln.6) brought on by finding a boat and leaving nature’s comfort to a man who has loss his innocence and finds that the “covert of the willow tree [a symbol of enchantment,…

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  • Willows Research Paper

    The genus Salix, or Willow, consists of around 400 species of trees and shrubs which can be found in nearly every continent, save for Australia and Antarctica. The wood of willows is light and therefore easily molded, and the plants versatility has lead to it developing a variety of applications ranging from basket-weaving to fire-starting. The near ubiquity and widespread applicability of willows has lead to the plant developing symbolic meaning as well, with the plant featuring prominently in…

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  • Understanding Through Senses Other Than Sight In Raymond Carver's Cathedral

    by his wife’s blind friend. Originally the blind man has come to see the woman his friend who he hasn’t seen in years, however in this story the narrator is the one who benefits most from the presence of the blind man. Although the narrator is her husband the blind man seems to know more about the woman than him, the wife and the blind man have been communicating by sending tapes with recorded messages and poems to each other through mail since before the woman married her now husband, when the…

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  • Analysis Of The Ones Who Walk Away From Memelas By Le Guin

    child all for the sake of the rest of the town. An exchange for the happiness and prosperity of the town one much suffer for the sake of the town. This causes many of the people in the town to not try and do anything to help the child, even if they want to. The expectation is placed upon everyone's shoulders that if one person is to forsake a rule and demise the town, they are not to help the child in the closet. They are not to comfort or be kind to the child for it will doom the town. So the…

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  • The Blind Man In Ernest Hemingway's Cathedral

    In the story Cathedral, the narrator's mood changes from being jealous in a way to feeling connected with the blind man. In the beginning when he talks about the blind man he speaks in short sentences and avoids certain topics. Throughout the story he likes talking about his relationship with his wife and all of their good times. He likes to make jokes about the blind man saying things like "maybe I can take him bowling" and things of the sort. Gradually through the movie the narrator becomes…

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  • Raymond Carver's Cathedral

    The narrator’s actions towards Robert flowed from beginning to end leading to the narrator’s realization of his newfound feelings of what Robert, as a blind man, had been going through. His blindness and loss didn’t hinder his way of life, yet allowed him to teach the narrator something important. Robert’s visit and stay at the narrator’s home with him and his wife, lead to the narrator achieving this realization. Even though the narrator’s feelings towards Robert were initially negative,…

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