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  • Golf Balls: The Physics Of Golf

    The physic of golf is more complex than most people think; from the golf balls they use to the clubs, and even the way they swing the club. The golf swing is one big arc, and when a person swings his arms they accelerate around body. Creating speed this speed is then transferred from the face of the golf club to the ball, which is then launched with its own velocity. This is just the basic of hitting a golf ball many university’s have put a lot of research in to how a golf can maximize hitting the golf ball both strait and far. In golf “the longest clubs are used for the most distance”. When the head of the golf club come in “contact with the golf club it only touches the ball for a thousandths of a second”. When the ball comes in contact with…

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  • Golf Uniform Essay

    Guide to Golf Apparel Golf is a popular outdoor sport. The attire you are wearing while playing is part of the sport’s tradition and etiquette. Golfers try to dress as best as they can for the game. Hence, trendy and comfortable golf apparel is a usual sight in the golf course. Players looking and feeling good are more likely to deliver remarkable performance. Moreover, it allows them to experience fun and enjoyment. When deciding for the suitable golf wear, always consider the current weather…

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  • Golf Balls

    doing my science fair project on “What golf ball travels the furthest”. I decided to do my project on this because there are so many brands of golf balls out there and i was curious to see if all the balls were the same or different. I will be testing some of the top brand golf balls to see which golf ball bounces and travels the furthest. Golf is a game of the Scottish origin, and is one of the most popular sports in the world. Golf has been played by over 24 million people. Golf has become so…

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  • Origin Of Golf Essay

    Who invented golf? The answer to this age-long question has been largely debated by many historians and golf professionals over the years. Golfers who love the game still very heatedly debate over the origin. This mystery has remained unsolved, but does not really matter in the grand schemes of things, what matters about the history of golf is how golf has evolved and effected humans over the years. It is hard to believe that the calming, stress relieving game we know today could have come…

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  • Golf Terminology Origin

    Origins of Golf Terminology While it is humorous, it is not true that the word Golf is an acronym for Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden. The word “golf” actually comes from the past term for ‘club’. The earliest known mention of the word golf was in 1457 when King JamesⅡtried to ban “ye golf” in order to have more focused on Archery practice (Bogey para 5-9). However, the term golf, defind as we know it, was originated in Scotland. The term was used for the game Scottish shepherds used for…

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  • Descriptive Essay On Golf

    Where can lush fairways, meticulously carved acres of beautiful pine, and oak trees be seen? A golf course presents an opportunity to see the beauty of nature, in a calming, and enlightened environment, while giving a competitor of any age or skill level a challenging, but exciting experience. Golf is perhaps the most intriguing, deep-seated game due to its beautiful golf courses, intense preparation, and clear mindset. Firstly, a golf course is the centerpiece of the game, carved through thick…

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  • Golf Team Discourse

    of which being the Sleepy Eye High School Boys Golf Team. In the spring of 2016, the golf team was able to win, not only the Tomahawk Conference Championship, but the Section 2A Championship and advance to the state meet where they placed fourth as a team. It is safe to say that the team had a very successful year, however they were not always poised to be this great. The year prior to this breakout year, Sleepy Eye Public High School had their own golf team and rival private school Sleepy Eye…

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  • Range Finders In Golf Essay

    Equipment The “Rules of Golf” supply extensive detail on the specifications allowed when manufacturing a golf club. As with most of the rules these ones are geared towards tournament players. Recreational golfers should be allowed to use whichever clubs they wish to use. If a club that is illegal in a tournament will give an extra few yards to an average golfer it can dramatically increase the pace at which that golfer plays. Hitting the ball farther not only makes it quicker to get from tee to…

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  • Golf Trip Essay

    If the loft angle is decreased from 56 degrees to 48 degrees then the distance the golf ball travels will increase. The idea of the project is to determine whether a higher lofted golf club or a lower lofted golf club(these types of golf clubs are irons) causes the ball to travel a greater distance. Many people do not know the significance of the loft on a golf club. When golfing one of the most important things to know is the loft angles on golf clubs which controls the height and the length…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Golf Poem

    need to know I learned in kindergarten”. The poem teaches principle like: share everything, play fair, don’t hit people, put things back where you found them, clean up your own mess etc. But for me all I really need to know I learned while playing the game of golf. It started the summer between my eighth and ninth grade year, I took up golf. I started by attending a golf camp teaching me the basic rules and techniques of golf. I would practice each day at the range during these hours of…

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