Golgi apparatus

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  • Organelles Of Animal Cells Essay

    covers the organelle and contain its skin as the inner membrane folds over many times and create layered structures. The energy made is called ATP. ATP stands for adenosine triphosphate. It’s a single nucleotide with two extra energy storing phosphate groups. When food molecules are broken down inside cells, some of the energy in the molecules is stored temporarily in ATP. Cells need a steady supply of ATP to function. The Golgi apparatus helps the cell maintain homeostasis by modifying, sorting, and packaging proteins to transport. It is a set of flattened; membrane bound sacs that serve as the packaging and distribution center of the cell. Enzymes inside the Golgi apparatus modify the proteins that are received in vesicles that bud from the surface of the Golgi apparatus. The other vesicles include lysosomes, which are small, spherical organelles that contain the cell’s digestive enzymes. The ER stands for endoplasmic reticulum, is a system of internal membranes that moves proteins and other substance through the cell. The ER, the Golgi apparatus, lysosomes work together in the production, packaging, and distribution of proteins in the animal cells.…

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  • Animal Cell Process Lab Report

    proteins and play a vital role in protein synthesis. Its long and far-reaching structure allows it to perform its function more efficiently; helping transport substances around the cell, also increasing its surface area to volume ratio allowing more ribosome’s to be situated on it, speeding up protein production. As the protein enters the Rough ER, our craft follows closely behind. The protein is being further processed by enzymes, adding polysaccharides to form complex protein sugars known as…

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  • The Cell Membrane: The Most Important Parts Of The Cell

    The Cell Membrane is one of the most important parts of the cell. If not for the cell membrane it would be extremely easy for things to invade the cell; this is because on of the cell membranes job is to control what come in and out of the cell (i.e. ions, viruses, etc). Also the cell membrane is what helps hold the cell and all of its organelles Endoplasmic Reticulum (AKA the ER), smooth and rough whats the difference? The smooth ER does not have any ribosomes while the rough ER is covered in…

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  • Golgi Apparatus Research Paper

    Past: The Golgi-Apparatus was first discovered by the Italian physician, after which it was named, Camillo Golgi in the year 1897 (but only reported the discovery in 1898), and it appeared in scientific literature for the first time in 1910, but its existence was only proved later in the year 1954 with the help of electron-microscopic studies. Camillo Golgi was able to identify this organelle by using a special staining technique, which he called ‘Black Reaction’, which made it possible to…

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  • Organelles Essay

    When liver cells are exposed to a drug, the amount of smooth ER and its detoxifying enzymes increase. The body’s tolerance of a drug can strengthen which means that more of the drug will be needed in order to achieve the desired effect. This is how addiction can occur because a person will need more and more of a drug in order for the drug to work. An organelle named the Golgi apparatus works closely with the ER; it refines, stores, receives, and distributes chemical products of the cell.…

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  • Lens Fiber Differentiation Experiment

    Lens Fiber Differentiation and its effects on certain organelles. This writing exercise analyzes two separate but related scientific articles, “The fate of the Golgi Apparatus and the Endoplasmic reticulum During Lens Fiber Cell Differentiation” and “Coincident Loss of Mitochondria and Nuclei During Lens Fiber Cell Differentiation” both which analyze and study Lens Fiber Differentiation. The writing assignment will be based on four sections:(1) Background of the research (2) Methods used…

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  • Animal Cell Structure

    specialized cell I have chosen to focus on is a nerve cell within the brain. “The bulk of the brain is made up of structural cells termed glial cells and astrocytes. Lying in amongst these cells are neurons, specialized cells that conduct electrical impulses along their processes. It has been estimated that the average human brain contains about 100 billion neurons and, on average, each neuron is connected to 1000 other neurons. This results in the generation of vast and complex neural networks…

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  • The Role Of Macromolecules In Eukaryotic Cells

    hydrolases pH levels being neutralised by the cytosol (Cooper, G. 2000). How the Lysosomes breaks down unwanted cell debris begins with an unwanted debris, for example a damaged section of a cell, which form a double membrane, called an auto phagosome, which moving towards the edge of the lysosome, this is where the plasma membrane creates an oral cavity where the damaged cell is absorbed into and the digestive enzymes are the released in controlled amounts, due to a hydrogen pump, and begin to…

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  • Impact On TRMPLIV

    TRPML1’s Impact on MLIV In the article, “Fusion of lysosomes with secretory organelles leads to uncontrolled exocytosis in the lysosomal storage disease mucolipidosis type IV” discussed the impacts of TRMPL1 on MLIV. Lysosomes are important in maintaining healthy cells, however, with the absence of lysosomal TRP channel TRPML1 then the lysosomal pH becomes more acidic because of the calcium leakage; hence, this makes lysosomes more sensitive to fusing, and due to being near exocytosis regulating…

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  • Los Angeles Fire Department Research Paper

    In December 1885, the City Council considered the merits of a fully paid Department and moved to finance and control the first fully paid, official Los Angeles Fire Department. In February 1886, the LAFD officially went into service with four fire stations. The first city owned forestation was Engine Company No. 1 and was established in 1887. Into the early 20th century the Department began to fully expand its operations such as improved membership benefits, use of motorized apparatus,…

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