Is Golf A Sport Essay

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Golf has been looked at by some as a mere game, or just an activity. However, this is not the case. Golf should be considered a sport because of the income brought in by the athletes, how it has been put into the Olympics (the ultimate worldwide sporting event), and how it is played just like other sports, amateurly and professionally. Based on income, athletes that compete in golf are some of the best paid athletes in the entire world. Two of the top four richest athletes of all time are golfers. Arnold Palmer, who has a Net Worth of $675 million, and Tiger Woods who has a Net Worth of $700 million(Golf Digest). On the U.S. Pro Major Tours, in today’s Major U.S. Tours, the average participant makes an average of $700,000 per season, …show more content…
The definition is that it’s an “activity engaged in for amusement”, which definitely does not meet what golf is, especially on the pro level( They say that golf can be played by any person even if they have no talent because it is such an easy sport. This also obviously is not true based on the evidence from the amount of work it takes to walk 18 holes on a pro golf course.
Others say that it requires much less physical activity than a normal sport. Actually, golf swings require a coordination of 17 muscles, and it burns 300 more calories walking 18 holes on a pro course than a gymnast does in all of their routines.(Procon)
Both of these arguments are invalid, which actually in the long run supports the statement of golf being a sport, since the actual facts to the arguments are completely opposite of
Golf should be considered a sport because of the money the golfers make playing the sport, the IOC(International Olympic Committee) considers it a sport that is known internationally, and it is played professionally and amateurly. Golf needs to be put in the category that sets them with the best of sports after what is has accomplished since it was created. It isn’t just a

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