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  • Result And Analysis: Politically Connected Firms

    IV. Result and Analysis Politically Connected Firms Based on in-depth research, we managed to identify a list of stocks that have linked to political parties and leadership. Since in the election in 2014 there are two candidates we divided into Political Winning (Ir. Joko Widodo- M. Jusuf Kalla) and Political Lose (Prabowo Subianto - Hatta Rajasa). As a result, there are a total of 54 firms were identified over a test period of the presidential election in 2014 as politically connected. Politically Connected Winning Firms Based on our data, Joko Widodo and Jusuf Kalla as Koalisi Indonesia Hebat (KIH) are supported by four business conglomerate which are Edward Soeryadjaja (Astra Group), Robert Budi Hartono (Djarum Group) James Riady (Lippo Group) and Anthony Salim (Salim Group), three lists of supporters and eight list of ministry in the cabinet. In addition, we eliminate 1 relisting firms and 2 listed firms which are not liquid traded during the event window. From these results, the final results of politically connected winning are 37 lists of firms who support Joko Widodo – Jusuf Kalla in presidential election 2014. Figure 2 Politically Connected Winning Firms Coalition Based on Figure 2, 73% equal to 28 firms comes from conglomeration business firms who supported Joko Widodo – Jusuf Kalla. Then, in second position 22% or amount 8 firms derived from list of ministers in cabinet, and rest of 5% taken from successor team. In other words, Joko Widodo – Jusuf Kalla most…

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  • Manipulated Society Golkar Summary

    Golkar left off, and elaborates on this idea of the rebellious youth, and focuses mainly on the sexual revolution taking place in Iran. Unlike the older generations, these younger people seek to fight the social control by engaging in rebellious social behavior that goes against societal norms. These “Children of the Revolution” were the first generation that has been born into the current Iranian political atmosphere. However, the good thing about this is that they have benefitted from the free…

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  • Biology Discourse Community

    virus that attacks bacterial cells and “disrupts” its normal metabolism, causing “the bacterium to lyse” (Sulakvelidze et al., 2001). Its effect on bacteria make the bacteriophage a possible new treatment for antibiotic resistant superbugs. Golkar et al. (2013) discuss the various advantages bacteriophage therapy offers over antibiotics. They are “very specific to their hosts”, meaning they can be easily manipulated to detect a specific bacterial infection. Antibiotics, on the other hand, cannot…

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  • The Powerful Transfers Of Power In Indonesia

    During the time of Indonesia’s two successive dictators, the country held elections, but there was only one party, the Golkar party, to choose. Since Soeharto’s downfall in 1994, an enormous number of parties have entered the political battlefield to represent Indonesia’s geographically and economically diverse population. Twenty-four different parties won seats in the 2004 parliamentary elections and twelve gained seats in the most recent parliamentary elections in early 2014. Instead of one…

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  • The Moderate-Transformative Group Case Study

    feeble, Pancasila will suffer similar fate. “…The history for a long time has created Islam as main aspect for nationality. Pancasila without Islam like a skeleton without meat and soul,” Rahardjo wrote in his book (2002). Meanwhile, Mulkhan evaluates that Muslim people sadly not consider real circumstances. They are more normative and romantic. As shown by the history that the Jakarta Charter repeatedly copes with the failure. Therefore, Mulkhan supposes that the implementation of seven…

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  • Unity In Diversity Case Study

    His main incentive to do so was because Gerindra believed that reigonal leaders should have been picked by the parliament instead of the people. Ahok disagreed, thinking that the Indonesians deserved to vote for their leader. His disagreeent lead to him leaving Gerindra and thus being an independent candidate. This prompted a group of individuals to start a movement, now known as the NGO Teman Ahok to collect one million identity cards to allow him to run as an independent candidate, something…

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