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  • S Shared Christian Praxis And Cavalletti's Catechesis Of The Good Shepherd

    the faithful, catechists are challenged to invite others into a relationship with Christ. Over time, theologians have developed varying pedagogies meant to direct the catechist in his or her ministry, though it is important that these methods be in conformity to the Divine Pedagogy. Groome’s Shared Christian Praxis and Cavalletti’s Catechesis of the Good Shepherd draw upon the Pedagogy of God through the role of the catechist and through the means by which one obtains knowledge. According to Groome’s pedagogy, the role of the catechist is exceedingly active and directive; shared Christian Praxis requires a significant amount of time, energy and effort from the catechist. Especially in reference to Groome’s…

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  • Homelessness Case Study

    such as lotion, soap, deodorant, feminine products, and a protein bar. These things are essential to women and women who do not have the funds to purchase them might not be able to get them in any other way. We then delivered the purses to the Good Shepherd Center in Wilmington for the staff there to distribute them to the ladies that need them the most. We were able to have the opportunity to sit down with the ladies and talk to them about their struggles and hear some of their inspiring…

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  • Symbolism Of The Fish In The Good Shepherd

    Christians developed symbols that served as a way to identify each other in public and to mark their faith. These symbols also allowed Christian to openly wear them with their clothing. The symbol of the Fish, the Good Shepherd, the invention of the stained glass window and printing press allowed for the artistic expression to expand in the Christian religious system. One of the most recognized Christian symbols is the fish. Greeks, Romans, and many others used the fish symbol before…

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  • The Good Shepherd: The Destruction Of Ideas

    The motif of the “Good Shepherd” was first seen in Archaic Greek art. “There the calf bearer was a bearded man offering his animal in sacrifice to Athena” (Kleiner 238). In the pre-Christian world, Christ portrays a shepherd, where he is carrying a calf on his shoulders, but the calf was not to be sacrifice. The calf is one of the lost sheep which symbolizes “a sinner who has strayed and been rescued” (Kleiner 239). Christ said that he is a good shepherd and he will give his life for the sheep.…

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  • Good Shepherds Services Case Study

    Good Shepherds Services is a voluntary leading youth development, education and family service agency with more than 80 programs that serve 26,000 children, youth and families each year. This agency gives vulnerable youth in New York City the opportunity to make a difference and take ownership of their future. “ Good Shepherd Services goes where children, youth, and families face the greatest challenges and builds on their strengths to help them gain skills for success. They provide quality,…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Being A Good Shepherd

    wanted to punish him for a lie he was not committing, and he needed to really prove his power to these people. In a way, he related to a good shepherd. A good shepherd is one whom is recognizable by his flock, one who his sheep only listen to and one who will sacrifice his life for his herd. A good shepherd will do anything to have happy sheep and in chapter ten of the gospel of John, Jesus is the good shepherd for those who believe in him; he is their savior and guide. His biggest problem,…

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  • I Am The Good Shepherd Analysis

    In John 10 in the New Testament, Jesus proclaims “I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me--just as the Father knows me and I know the Father--and I lay down my life for the sheep.” Through this statement, Jesus asserts that the relationship between a shepherd and his flock symbolizes the paternal relationship between God and his children. In Telemachus, his biting allegorical criticism of Louis XIV, Fenelon adopts this theological idea of the “good shepherd” to elucidate the…

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  • Pastoral Roles

    Most people felt that the congregation of LEFC had priorities of Oikos, or being involved in the community. I would also say that their priorities are building disciples, spreading the good news, and sending people out to make more disciples. If there is one thing that I learned from these interviews, it’s that LEFC’s mission as a church is to make disciples, and they feel very strongly about that mission. One ministerial priority was only spoken of by the pastoral members a talked to, and that…

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  • Vista Maria Case Study

    Vista Maria first began as an orphanage by the Sisters of the Good Shepherd over 130 years ago. In 1883, 5 Sisters of the Good Shepherd came to Detroit to the Ward Mansion to establish their first home. As the Industrial Revolution went on, the home turned into 33 Sisters caring for more than 200 girls and young woman. Through the next 30 years, the home named the “House of Good Shepherd expanded their services, however did not have an adequate amount of land to provide these services. The…

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  • Attraction In Grey's Anatomy

    a hospital in the middle of downtown Seattle? Ask the 8.96 million people a week that turn the channel to ABC every Thursday night at 7/8c. Grey’s Anatomy, a creation of Shonda Rhimes, is that very attraction sometimes addiction of many people throughout the country. With thirteen seasons under its wing, they keep the audience and fandom coming back every single week and even in the offseason, with sources like Hulu and Netflix. The romance, the suspense, and the medical drama are three things…

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