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  • World Percussion Night Reaction Paper

    widespeared Balinese gamelan sacred Topeng dances. Topeng means that it is a masked dance that is usually performed by four or more dancers wearing white makes to symbolize kind and protective guardians of the temple. Three instruments that really stood out to me in this song were the gongs, metallophones, and xylophones. All of these instruments are classified as idiophones because sound is produced by the body of the instrument itself. The two gongs that were used in this performance are considered to be suspended gongs because they are flat, circular discs of metal that are vertically suspended by cord passed through holes along the top rim. The two gongs were of different size, one being smaller and one being larger. The different sized gongs each produced a different pitch. The large gong produced a low pitch and the smaller gong produced a high pitch. The metallophones consist of metal bars while the xylophones consist wooden bars. Each of these instruments are struck by mallets to produce sound. The metal bars more high pitched that the wooden bars. This song produced a bright, choppy timbre. There was a lot going on in the piece of music. My favorite moment was at the end of the song when the gong was struck hard and the deep sound of it filled the room until it completely faded away to silence. This had a huge effect on the audience because it set the overall tone. The duration of this performance took place in a auditorium designed to compliment and enhance the…

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  • Essay On Falun Gong

    New Age 1. Pick one of the following religions: Scientology, Falun Gong and Unification Church. Describe it and its appeal. Falun Gong was founded in 1992 in China by Li Hongzhi, who is now referred as the Master. Nonetheless Falung Gong is seen as an exercise group-religion, the Master himself claims that it is rather a health improving system which bases on morality and enhancement in accordance with “Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance” principle and on performance of physical exercises,…

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  • Falun Gong In China Analysis

    “Contemporaries have to modify and adjust history so it serves modern agendas.” So states scholar Xiao Ming in his book, The Cultural Economy of Falun Gong in China: A Rhetorical Perspective. The use of language to construct tone and mood remains not only important in the field of English and literature, but affects other fields such as history as well. The specific word choice of various pieces in both news media as well as the academic field aid the reader in passing judgement or constructing…

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  • Free China The Courage To Believe Analysis

    Charles Lee, an American businessman of Chinese origin, also wanted to do his part to stop the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China, trying to disseminate information without censorship on television controlled by the communist party, however, he was arrested and sentenced to three years of reeducation in a labor camp manufacturing goods that are imported and sold in the…

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  • Descriptive Essay On Guan Art

    shows that there has two men, which them name guan gong. Guan Gong show in our hearts not only riding his sword the brave image, interpretation is also not just his commanding; may also be promoted standing, holding a sword image, showing the state miserly; shut apartments intended anti treacherous villain, security and peace, every success, wealth double income, and therefore suitable so people wear. The emphasis is on living life "loyalty, justice, faith, courage, wisdom, benevolence," This is…

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  • Persecuted In China Essay

    some of these rights, which can be found in The Constitution of the People’s Republic of China (People.cn). For instance, Article thirty five of their constitution states that, “Citizens of the People 's Republic of China enjoy freedom of speech, of the press, of assembly, of association, of procession and of demonstration.” (People.cn). Assembly and association in public is seen as cultish, and there is severe censorship of the media. As well as Article thirty six, which gives the people the…

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  • Pangu And Nü Wa Summary

    society. She worked day and night to make more man and soon her loneliness disappeared in the crowd of little humans around her. She eventually became very exhausted. In an attempt to find an alternative way, Nü Wa took a vine and dipped it in the clay-mud. She swung the vine around, causing the droplets of mud to drop everywhere resulting to more humans though they were not as perfect as the one's Nü Wa crafted by hand. These people are believed to be the commoners. More and more of her…

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  • An Essay About Tea Ceremony

    a few countries prepare it in a more traditional way. The places that make tea traditionally would be China, Japan, and Britain. In China they started out using it as a medical treatment, now they prepare it as a celebratory tea ceremony called the Gong Fu (“All Things Tea”, 2014). The Gong Fu is a formal Chinese tea ceremony, then means the art of doing something well and with this art the time, dedication and effort will help a person produce the greatest tea experience (“Gong Fu…

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  • Methamphetamine In Australia

    unemployed (Quinn and Stoove 2013, p. 236). Therefore, people that lack self-esteem are more likely to abuse methamphetamines than those who don’t. Furthermore, it’s not just the level of education or whether the individual is currently employed or not affect their decision in using the drug or not. Secondly, 50% of users are motivated to become dealers (Gong, Ritter, Bright and Doran 2011, p. 209). As they believe that they can get some financial gain from it (Gong, Ritter, Bright and Doran…

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  • Similarities Between Yi The Archer And The Ten Suns

    Yi the Archer can be seen as a hero just like how the “Goddess Nugua” is seen as, just like how Nuga defeated the monster “Gong-Gong” Yi the Archer with his steady aim shot down nine of the suns accourding to this piece of textual evidence “Yi the Archer;s aim was true. One by one he shot his arrows at the suns, and one by one they hit their marks. The nine suns could not survive the thrust of an arrow, and one by one they died.” ( Rosenberg 363). Following the concept of science this myth could…

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