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  • The Importance Of Television

    Television is a system for transmitting visual images and sound that are reproduced on screens, chiefly used to broadcast programs for entertainment, information, and education. It is a device that receives a vision and voice signals and reproduces them on a screen. Television has presented in our life long time before. People have different ways to enjoy their televisions; therefore, their television viewing habits totally are not the same. Indeed, television 's primary purpose is entertainment. In addition, it is also a medium that encourages the growth of communities around the world by sharing interests and disseminates information and news. Moreover, television broadens and educates the mind, provides millions of jobs for skilled workers,…

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  • What Is The Greatest Form Of Control?

    distraction from one’s true self. Leisure time had become toxic due to the media- what was once a time to thrive, had become solely for entertainment. He said that modern media is designed to keep us entertained and distracted, subconsciously confused, and ultimately as abiding citizens. To be left alone now a days can seem boring and a waste of time. The media took away from the knowledge of…

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  • Planning An Event Analysis

    Who doesn’t love a good party? I’m sure we all do, but have you ever stopped to think about how it all comes together? There will come a time when you will be asked to plan a party or event, whether it be a milestone birthday, wedding, and/or annual function. This essay will provide the necessary tools to do so. As President of a cultural based sorority, I had my fair share of planning events. The process can be time consuming and frustrating, but with attention to detail, organization of…

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  • The Influence Of Television And Its Impact On Society

    Watching television has brings excitement to whoever watching. This perspective fit children very well. Seeing that children watch over 24 hours of television per week, television must be a very good form of enjoyment for the younger generation. Children love watching television because of the enjoyment behind watching it. The feeling watching their favorite cartoon show allows children to engage in watching more television. Watching TV can provide entertainment for people who are bored or have…

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  • Movie Theater Analysis

    The modern world is full of establishments where the everyday person can go to to get themselves entertained. It is part of human nature to not only survive, but to live as well. So many businesses exist in the entertainment industry because of this reason, surviving is boring but living is fun, especially when you can have fun doing it. Despite this, going to these establishments to simply get rid of boredom would not be enough to keep them running. No, humans are social animals and thus must…

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  • Analysis Of American Film: The Hero's Quest

    Everyone knows about the American movie business. Millions of dollars go into financing big movie projects just to entertain ourselves away from the real world, and millions of dollars are sent back in tickets to go see these films. Certainly, this business has been booming for the past one-hundred years, and we keep on fueling the fire. Movies aren’t just about entertainment only. Many films have become part of the American culture, and many films from the US show how Americans think and…

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  • Ingrid Goes West Analysis

    There is something truly rewarding as a movie fan, when a talented actor, good and entertaining in a number of roles, finally breaks out and taps into greatness. In Matt Spicer's feature film debut, Ingrid Goes West, Aubrey Plaza gives her finest performance yet as a woman caught up in the instant gratification world of social media. In a role that could be full of formulaic meltdowns and tired cinematic tropes, she creates a character who is selfish and dangerous, yet generates empathy and…

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  • The Importance Of Cinema In Iran

    South Korea, Malaysia and Indonesia and even the United Arabic Emirate, number of constructed theatre during the last decade has been more than existing theatres in Iran (Mousai and Shiani, 2007). It seems that decreasing trend of cinema audiences in Iran is not only due to development of ways of communication and people’s access to internet and possibility of getting and watching the movies at the same time or people’s access to all movies in form of CD whether legally or illegally, but also…

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  • Neil Postman's Television As Teacher And Why Games Are Good For You

    If someone were to look back a couple decades they would not only be amazed at how far along technology has come, but also shocked at how much it has taken over. This is a common theme when it comes to Neil Postman’s “Television as Teacher” and Steven Johnson’s “Why Games Are Good for you.” In both Postman’s and Johnson’ articles, the advancement of technology is threatening the existence of present day learning and education as books are on the decline. While Postman attempts to compete…

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  • Violence In The Movies: An Analysis Of Media Violence

    on the entertained. As UF (University of Florida) psychology professor Christopher Ferguson’s study show, the reactions of exposure on both fake and real violence have no effect on each other. In his study, Ferguson discovered that after watching several action scenes, volunteers tested reacted the same way to clips of beheadings, suicide bombings, and combat that those exposed to comedies and musicals. Right now at this very moment several countries are sending troops to certain areas of the…

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