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  • Church Retreat Report

    Gerardo Mejia Professor Feres Religious Studies 325 17 April 2015 Retreat On Friday March 6th I embarked on a retreat until Sunday March 8th. Holy Spirit Catholic Church hosted this retreat, which is located at, 2725 55th St, San Diego, CA 92105. I was invited by one of my close friends to join her on this retreat, I knew very little about what I was getting myself into and about what I would even be doing there. All I was told was this retreat was going to take place in a different location, and I was to be at the pick up site at 4pm sharp. I knew the basics, and I also knew that there were no electronics allowed. I would be phoneless for practically the weekend. As we arrived to the retreat location, we found our luggage and those who already…

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  • Bermuda Electric Light Company: Executive Summary

    cultural standards of whichever country she is dealing with at the moment. The Ascendant Group is the parent company of multiple businesses, and Mrs. Smith must oversee and approve the communications and marketing of all businesses under the Ascendant family tree. Since she works from the BELCO headquarters, Mrs. Smith said she oversees the majority of the communications for BELCO. Since the company has to maintain communication with international companies, Mrs. Smith let me know that she must…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Religion And Rituals

    societies. The modernist artist Willard Nash (1898 – 1943), was drawn to the American Southwest by its unique blend of Native American, Spanish Colonial and Euro-American cultures. His painting, Los Penitentes, undated, on display in the Autry represents The Penitentes of New Mexico who call themselves Los Hermanos de Nuestro Padre Jesus Nazareno, a lay Catholic brotherhood whose origins date to the mid-eighteenth century. The group are men of a deep faith whose rituals are focused on the…

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  • The Dream Of The Rood Analysis

    religious values of Christianity. The poems viewpoint of the crucifixion of Christ is different from what took place in the Bible. In the poem, the cross is carried by enemies and Jesus rips off his clothes while in the Bible, Jesus carries the cross and the guards strip off Christ’s clothes. The rood is a symbol that Jesus was sacrificial for the world. The imagery of the crucifixion scene shows when Christ and the cross were pierced with nails, mocked and drenched with blood by the limits of…

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  • Definition Of Passion Essay

    Many truly don’t know the complete meaningful definition of the word passion. Passion in the dictionary is a very vague and simple definition. The definition defines passion as a strong emotion. There are many strong emotions out there in the world that the word passion can be confused, or can be used in the wrong context. It seems like people have taking away the true meaning of passion. People have overlooked the word and substituted the definition with a definition that will never truly…

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  • Gian Lorenzo Bernini's David: The Statue Of David

    The Enlightenment cultural matrix picture that I decide to analyze and write about is David. David was well known for defeating Goliath in battle; he only used a rock and slingshot to bring the giant down. Gian Lorenzo Bernini sculpted the statue of David somewhere around 1623 and 1624. The sculpture was marvelously done in exceptional detail, so life like, you actually would think the statue is going to reach out and touch you. I have personally seen some of Bernini’s work and believe it is…

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  • The Dream Of The Rood Reflection

    The Dream of the Rood The Dream of the Rood is an Old English, allegorical retelling of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ from a different point of view. Many seem to think this poem is only told from the point of view of the cross that Jesus was crucified on, but an additional interpretation is that this story is told seemingly through the point of view of a normal man, but in all actuality it is the retelling of the vision that Jesus had before he was arrested and his acceptance of his duty to…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Jesus Cake

    Christianity and Christians are honest about their lives when posting. There are definitely teens arguing that social media is an effective way to share Jesus. This is true in part: Social media can be used to notify people of Jesus-related events, but if Jesus is not being portrayed correctly on social media, non-Christians are not going to show up at the events. It takes people willing to be authentic online to have social media be an effective way to lead people to Jesus. Others claim that…

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  • Jesus Shaves

    stories you notice a few things they have in common. For example, their cultural differences. Like in the short story Interpreters of Maladies the cultural difference was the clothing and the way they approached each other. In the short story Jesus Shave was based on students from different backgrounds answer to the question, “what does one do on Easter?” But to me communication in both stories is horrible. For example, Mrs. Das cheating on her husband and having a kid with a different guy…

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  • Cristo Muerto The Dead Christ Analysis

    Formerly known as the Cristo Muerto, The Dead Christ is a sculpture that depicts the aftermath of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It is made out of wood and from an ancient technique of Polychromed Poplar. It is believed to have been used in Northern Latium and Umbria while also traveling and being used at to other churches. After it had been discovered, it was reinstated to what it would have looked like in the period that it was created. Today, it is renowned for its importance in the history…

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