Jesus Shaves

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Interpreter of Maladies and Jesus Shaves

The setting between Interpreter of Maladies and Jesus shaves are two completely different things. The Interpreter of Maladies is told in third person point of view and is about an Indian-American family who is on vacation in India. The father hires Mr. Kapasi to drive them to see the Sun Temple. However; Jesus Shaves is a story told is first person point of view by an American student in French class. Jesus Shaves goes into depth on several views on shared religious tradition in a classroom setting with Sedaris’ humorous inclusion of characters from many different cultural backgrounds and their use of improper grammar. The one thing these two stories have in common is their horrible way to communicate
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Kapasi. The first thing he notices is how young the family looked with three small kids and what they were wearing. As you can tell right off the bat that they don’t fit in with the rest of the people there. They wore American-style clothes jeans and t-shirts. While, the people in India wore less revealing clothing. The next thing Mr. Kapasi notices and thinks is strange is the fact that Mr. Das calls his wife by her first name. Other big thing is Mr. and Mrs. Das married each other because they wanted to, but in India the parents get to choose who you marry and when you get married. To the people in India this is part of their culture. Mrs. Das becomes interested in knowing about Mr. Kapasi job as an interpreter. Unlike his own wife who just sees him as the doctor’s helper. He told her he became an interpreter because of his son who died at seven of thyroid. Because of this Mr. Kapasi starts to have feelings for Mrs. Das, because she is young and attractive. He doesn’t know that she is a heartless woman who doesn’t love her kids and doesn’t do anything when something happens to them. For example, she doesn’t help her son when he is being attacked by monkeys. She becomes compelled to tell him her son Bobby isn’t Mr. Das son. She no longer loved her husband, who she has known since she was a young

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