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  • Ritual In The Lottery

    Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” exposes a village’s devotion to a murderous ritual. The story illustrates how thoughtlessly individuals devote themselves to a tradition simply because it has been given to them from past generations. It also shows how societies can condone the practice of arbitrarily persecuting individuals. Somehow, each villager in the story supports the annual murder as long as they are not the condemned person. This is poignantly symbolic of the attitude of many people when they are faced with questions of oppression. The foremost symbol in the story is the lottery itself, a practice of blind devotion to tradition. The villagers see this bizarre ritual as a staid part of their lives, never questioning the reason for it. Similarly, they never stop to consider whether it is ethical to continue this ritual. The entire village participation in the ritual shows how the persecution is an action of…

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  • Shamans Rituals

    In some societies, religious rituals are performed by the members of the community. In some rituals, members would hire a religious specialist to cure someone who carries an illness. A shaman is classified as one of the following religion specialists. The term “shaman” has been used in different ways by different people. According to Rebecca L. Stein & Philip L. Stein, “the term shaman actually comes from the Tungus language of Central Siberia” (Stein & Stein, P. 120). “It refers to the…

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  • Religious Rituals In Religion

    Before we explore the importance of rituals in religion and spirituality, we must first outline these two terms. Religion in a whole is best described as a set of beliefs, code, ethics, rituals, and practices, systematically organized around a doctrine and shared by a group of people (Hodge, 2011). Spirituality, on the other hand, is described as “A personal quest for understanding answers to ultimate question about life, about meaning and about relationships to the sacred or transcendent which…

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  • Sacred Rituals In Religion

    Various religions approach the aspect of sacred rituals in unique and purposeful manners. According to Livingston, “a religious ritual is an agreed-on and formalized pattern of ceremonial movements and verbal expressions carried out in a sacred context” (75). Though most people link sacred rituals to animal sacrifices, it is far more than that. “Rituals range from simple gestures, such as bowing or shaking hands, to elaborate ceremonial dramas, such as the Eastern Orthodox Liturgy” (Livingston…

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  • The Odyssey: A Ritual Self

    The psyche or self as depicted in Jane Harrison’s Themis is a ritual self which focuses on the collective identity of a tribe. Opposite of this self, the psyche or self as depicted Homer’s The Odyssey is a self which focuses on the individual. In Themis these collective selves centered around a ritualistic society are demonstrated by the way society connected with their gods through rituals which focused on initiation of young men into the tribe, a collective emotion, and the tribe’s connection…

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  • Ritual And Festivals Dbq

    Rituals and Festivals in Europe: What’s the point?- DBQ Essay The anxiety and eagerness with which the people of traditional Europe awaited rituals and festivals leads to the interesting question of what their true purpose in society was. Communities and members of various groups would gather to hold ceremonies covering multiple aspects of society that affected their everyday lives. Rituals can be traced back to the early churches and their original practices, but evolved over time to become…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Religion And Rituals

    Religious beliefs and the rituals created to express them have played a major role in shaping artistic expression since the beginning of time. The west is no different and we find artwork throughout generations is rich with religious meaning. From the devotional art of New Spain to the Native rituals of the Southwest, the exhibit “Art of the West” at the Gene Autry Western Heritage Museum displays a significant narration of western culture in one of its main themes “Religion and Ritual”. This…

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  • Ritual And The Construction Of Space In Mapubwe Analysis

    The Relationship between Ritual and the Construction of Space in Mapungubwe. The following events take place whilst I am a minor in the K2 culture, once we had relocated to Mapungubwe. The essay encapsulates what I see around me and how I feel about it, the types of spaces created, and the alteration in space to suggest the move from profane to sacred. My emotions correspond and add value to the exploration of ideas and themes that I have investigated, namely: The background and meaning of…

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  • The Adaptive Value Of Religious Ritual Analysis

    Adaptive Value of Religious Ritual, Sosis questions the logic and purpose of the religious acts and rituals from around the world. Sosis looks deeper into the fundamental reasons for the rituals and how it affects the selected community as a whole and its benefits of overall survival. Sosis argues that the group cooperation that is found in these religious ceremonies creates trust and commitment within these groups, and this "membership" reveals who is worthy of this trust and commitment. In the…

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  • The Medicine Bag And Apache Girl's Ritual Into Manhood

    “Cherokee Night Ritual Into Manhood” story are all rites of passages. “The Medicine Bag” is about a boy named Martin receiving his family's tradition from his grandfather and how he feels about it. “Apache Girl’s Rite of Passage” video is about Dachina becoming a woman in her tribe and what she has to go through to become one. “Cherokee Night Ritual Into Manhood” story is about how the Cherokee boys turn into men by staying in the woods all night. My analysis of the passages and video show the…

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