Religious Rituals In Religion

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Before we explore the importance of rituals in religion and spirituality, we must first outline these two terms. Religion in a whole is best described as a set of beliefs, code, ethics, rituals, and practices, systematically organized around a doctrine and shared by a group of people (Hodge, 2011). Spirituality, on the other hand, is described as “A personal quest for understanding answers to ultimate question about life, about meaning and about relationships to the sacred or transcendent which may (or may not) lead to or arise from the development of religious rituals” (Sarah Gehlert, Teri Browne, 2006 P: 284). In brief overview, religion is an organized system of practices and beliefs while spirituality is a focus on spiritual things which …show more content…
These rituals can vary considerably and can be seen as means of communication, exaggeration, repetition, and specific sequences of behavior serving specific functions. For example, rituals in the Roman religion are repeated performances of sacrifices, vows and festivals which serve as a core (Revell, Louise, 2007 P: 213).

Rituals in religion can also influence spirituality as rituals generate group emotions that are linked to symbols which establish the basis for beliefs, moods, and motives. Religious rituals are a system of symbols which acts to establish powerful, convincing and enduring moods and motivations (Clifford Geertz, P: 91), which help people respond and keep the values and organizational force that the religion
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This helps reinforce a sense of community by the use of weekly rituals. As a result, people experience an increase in their faith and spirituality by attending church. Additionally, this can also be accomplished by creating new rituals in daily life that are not connected to religion. For instance, walking through nature, writing, reading, exercise or silent meditation. In other words, people can be spiritual and religious, or spiritual but not religious. (Dyson, Cobb & Forman 1997) but either way, rituals are what help, however small, engage imaginations, emotions, and faith in that of religion and spirituality. In conclusion, rituals play a significant role in the relationship between religion and spirituality and those who believe that they do not precipitate in rituals may not be aware that they practice rituals on a daily basis as they go about their daily activities. Acknowledging the difference between spirituality and religion can be a great way to begin to understand why rituals have an essential place in the human

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