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  • Mexico

    Growth Rate In Mexico, it has many different industries, including textiles and clothing. In Spain, textiles and apparel (including footwear) and footwear are two main industries. Hong Kong also has textiles and clothing industries but the occupation of industries in Hong Kong is small. Besides, the industrial production growth rate in Mexico is 0.9% which ranked 148 compared to the world. The industrial production growth rate in Spain is 3.9% and its world ranking is 59. In Hong Kong, the industrial production growth rate is 1% which is similar to Mexico. Therefore, it shows that Spain is a potential country for the shoes industries as its industrial production growth rate is the highest between these three countries. The shoes industry can earn the advantage if it sets up in Spain. Industry Environment - Infrastructure Development and Technology The transportation is an important factor in the footwear industry. During the process some materials have to be import from other places and the final good should be export to other countries. For this reason, the company need a country well connected.…

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  • Mexico: The Abolition Of Slavery In Mexico

    When Mexico gained its independence from Spain in 1821, the fate of the nation’s enslaved Afro-descendant population entered a phase of uncertainty. Mexico’s slave system had been in the process of collapsing even before Mexico became an independent republic. George Reid Andrews shows in his study on Afro-Latin America that less than one percent of the Afro-Mexican population remained enslaved by 1800. Although slavery remained legal after Mexico’s independence, the 1824 Mexican Constitution…

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  • Ford In Mexico

    first Ford Motor Assembly Plant in Michigan; fast-forward almost a hundred years later to 2016, and Ford has not only expanded outside of the United States, but has made plans to build a second plant in Mexico. The $1.6 billion dollar plant, which will be located in in San Luis Potosi will be built by 2018. Ford announced earlier in April that the second Mexico plant would create roughly 2,800 jobs. Ford also said they would also invest over $3.6 billion dollars to create two new engine and…

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  • Maquiladoras In Mexico

    In the 1960’s the use of Maquiladoras began to arise. Maquiladoras are mexican factories that are set up by foreign countries. Foreign countries (mostly the United States for factories in Mexico) send the parts of a product to Maquiladoras and mexican assembly line workers create the products and ship them back to the country they came from. Foreign companies typically use this business practice because it offers cheap labor and tax breaks. The use and presence of maquiladoras did not become so…

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  • Mexico Essay

    Mexico Mexico is a country located between located between the United States and Central America. It is the 14th largest nation in the world. Mexico is a land of extremes, it has high mountains, terrains and deep canyons in the center of the country, beautiful beaches along its Caribbean and Pacific coastlines. rivers in Mexico include Rio Grande In north and Usumacinta on its northern and southern borders with Grijalva, Balsas, Panuco and Yaqui in the interior. Mexico has extensive coastlines,…

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  • Inequality In Mexico

    Mexico is a truly wonderful country filled with a rich history and culture. Many people travel on vacation to enjoy all of the beauty that Mexico has to offer, but most people do not see the extreme inequalities that the people of Mexico experience. The majority of people in Mexico are severely impoverished and live in an environment that makes it extremely difficult to break the cycle of poverty and advance in life. The type of hardships that many Mexican citizens face is unimaginable to most…

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  • Mexico Education

    The history of Mexico is rich in art, language and the development and growth as a country. Beginning with the early settlement of the Aztecs, the Olmecs and the Mayans, growth continued not only through culture but also through their government and judicial system. The implementation of their constitutional rights, increasing the lives of the civilians through jobs and an ever-growing education system has helped Mexico progress into the country it is today. Mexico’s history dates back 10,000…

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  • Discrimination In Mexico

    No Hispanic group has contributed more to the nation’s [US] prosperity than Mexicans, yet none makes white America more uneasy about the future (Gonzalez, 2011, p. 96). Mexico is at the core of our country’s Latin heritage and every 2 in 3 Latinos in America are Mexican. But, how did Mexicans get to the discrimination that they are suffering today? In this paper, I will show the violence Mexicans endured following the U.S.-Mexico War, and the many Mexicans groups who were fighting back against…

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  • Neoliberalism In Mexico

    attention to the social inequalities within Mexico. Barry states, "The Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN) let it be known that the plight of the peasantry could not be ignored… Don 't forget us, the rebels were saying, you depend on us for your political and economic stability” (Barry 1995, 3). A form of revolution: tierra o muerte, a more aggressive violent confrontation against neoliberal reforms, which means land or death. The agrarian reforms have pushed, "many rural villages… into…

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  • Transnationalism In Mexico

    Transnationalism is a broad topic which covers distinctive areas such as: political, economic, and cultural exchanges. As bordering countries, the United States and Mexico have comprehensive history of transnationalism. From economic policies, such as the Bracero Program to political policies such as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). But, what both economic and political policies share is the overwhelming influence that the United States had when determining these policies.…

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