Mexico History Essay

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The history of Mexico is rich in art, language and the development and growth as a country. Beginning with the early settlement of the Aztecs, the Olmecs and the Mayans, growth continued not only through culture but also through their government and judicial system. The implementation of their constitutional rights, increasing the lives of the civilians through jobs and an ever-growing education system has helped Mexico progress into the country it is today.
Mexico’s history dates back 10,000 years; from the cities of stone created by the Aztecs, the conquest of the Spaniards, to the rise of Mexico, as we know it today. The Olmec’s were the first Mesoamerican civilization, known for their crops such as corn, beans, Chile peppers and cotton. The Olmec’s were also the first to present fine art and symbols to record history, society and culture. The Mayan Civilization was the first to settle in the Yucatan Peninsula in 250A.D. During this time, they excelled and continued making history through their works in pottery, hieroglyphics writing, mathematics and calendar writing as well as some of the most beautiful
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The Aztec civilization developed an intricate social, political and commercial organization with a driven economy developing early forms of currency, such as cacao beans and lengths of woven cloth. As with previous civilizations, the Aztecs continued the progression with language, arts and mathematics. The rise and fall of the Aztecs took shape when Cortes settled on the Gulf of Mexico, directly east of Mexico City in 1519. Cortes and his entourage of four hundred and fifty soldiers and supplies began their travels inwards towards Mexico City and began to form an important alliance with the Tlascalans, enemies of the Aztecs. By August of 1521 the almighty Aztecs fall, and Cortes builds Mexico City on its ruins, which becomes the new European center in the New

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