The Broken Spears Summary

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In Miguel Leon-Portilla’s The Broken Spears: The Aztec Account of the Conquest of Mexico, the author shares the Aztec account of the Spanish conquest of Mexico in 1519. Throughout the book, Portilla discusses the significant events that occurred in the Aztec society. The indigenous groups in Mexico such as the Mexica (Aztec) had a thriving culture and advanced society in ancient Mesoamerica. The people of the Aztec society were educated, studied many subjects of interest such as astrology, and built great architectural pyramids that were breathtaking and beautiful. The capital of Tenochtitlán was the most advanced city at the time than any European city. The Aztec capital was able to grow due to the conquering of nearby territories
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Strange omens were appearing, and many people were frightened and worried about what was to come in the future. Some of the omens foretold included seeing natural occurrences such as fiery rocks that flew past the sky, strange two-headed beasts, and a woman crying out at night warning the Aztecs something was coming and that they needed to leave their city. Some of these omens seem unreal to us historians today and seem as natural occurrences or dreams that the Aztec people encountered. Nevertheless, these omens foreshadowed something destructive was going to occur in the Aztec …show more content…
Montezuma sent his highest priests and followers to welcome the Spanish with gifts of gold and precious objects. The messengers closely observed the Spanish to see their reactions to the gifts. The Spanish began were lustful for gold and were full of greed. The Spanish arrived in the city of Texcoco near Tenochtitlán, where Montezuma went to introduce himself to Cortés. The Spaniards told the king that he had nothing to fear or worry about, that they were all friends. When Montezuma brought the Spanish to his capital, the Spanish immediately put him in their custody and guarded him. The Aztec people were terrified and angry that Montezuma was being controlled by the Spanish. Many had lost respect for Montezuma because he gave the Spaniards whatever they needed and wanted. Moctezuma was killed and we historians really do not know how he really died. Cortés and his men took possession of every precious object and resources within the Aztec

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