Aztec Culture Essay

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The Spanish soldiers were ready to repel against Cortes because of the promise of riches (most had been shipped back to Spain). Cortes agreed that the soldiers deserved their pay and asked Spain to give it up. Cortes goal was to colonize Mexico into a powerful Spanish empire.

The Aztecs were a group of Mesoamerican people of central Mexico in the fourteenth, fifteenth, and sixteenth centuries. Aztec culture had complex mythological and religious traditions. The one that standed out the most was the Aztec people believed in human sacrifice prior to the Spanish conquest. The Aztec also allied with two nearby city states (Texcoco and Tlacopan ) and launched military attack in order to expand.
Aztec worldview was a culture evolved without knowledge
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Most people nowadays would assume the aztecs was such a long time ago but it is actually estimated that 1.5 - 2 million people still speak nahuatl, the aztec language. When they went under many things changed for the aztecs. They weren't allowed to practise their old religion and were expected under the law, to adopt the dominant spanish catholic religion, so they converted to catholicism. They had many negative effects on the civilization but they also had few positive effects.
The worldview changed both with good and bad. A Lot of people were killed and the way they treat people now is a lot different than back then. They also don't have human sacrifice anymore and many people still study the Aztecs and will forever be in the history of the world.

They ended with victory. The conquistadores lay the Aztec empire to waste, erasing the remnants of the culture as best they could, scorching Tenochtitlán by fire, leveling its temples. Rubble would make up the foundations of a new world, the cradle of a brand new people. The history of the Spanish and Aztec will be in the history of the world for a really long time and people will keep learning about it for a long

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