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  • Blackfish Documentary Analysis

    Orcas’ Behind Closed Tanks Imagine you are a four to eight year old child and you are on vacation with your family entering into a SeaWorld. The excitement has been building up from the commercials that show you these huge and majestic animals that are not like the everyday animal you see on a daily basis. The commercials have a way of taking your imagination to another level, and any child even an adult is at awe with the level of performance these orcas’ are putting on. Amongst the magic, laughter, and adrenaline that you feel you don’t question whether or not these wild animals should be contained like they are. Blackfish, a documentary released on July 19, 2013 by Gabriela Cowperthwaite and filmed by Manuel Oteyza, answered some of the top questions about the orca’s that are behind closed tanks at SeaWorld. The documentary follows the life of a captive killer whale that has taken several lives, it gives specific evidence on what trainers at SeaWorld have seen and what they claim to know about orcas. In the documentary they give images, footage, video clips, and evidence to back up claims they made about SeaWorld with knowledge from past trainers. Keeping whales in captivity is a very difficult issue, and the documentary Blackfish has brought worldwide attention to the matter. With the documentary there also came lots of questions as to if everything seems to be correct and every fact can be backed up with specific evidence to prove that…

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  • Analysis Of The Documentary 'Blackfish'

    The documentary ‘Blackfish’ is produced by Gabriela Cowperthwaite and stars Tilikum the orca. It is based around two water parks in the United States of America – Seaworld and Sealand. ‘Blackfish’ is a documentary that tells the true story about an orca’s life in captivity. Several pieces of emotional footages give examples of how the whales are cruelly treated and kept in poor conditions. It asks the question ‘should whales be kept in captivity?’. ‘Blackfish’ works effectively to persuade…

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  • Summary Of The Documentary Blackfish

    The moon, a large chunk of rock twirling around the Earth and the Sun. Humans have explored, researched, and mapped the moon. From its craters to its makeup, everything that humans could find out about the moon, with the technology they have, has been discovered. The moon, an object over 230,000 miles away, has been completely charted while the oceans on Earth are only about five percent charted. Although the ocean has not been mapped out completely we do have a good idea of what animals live in…

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  • Orca Dolphins Essay

    ORCA WHALES Did you know that people have developed sonar because of studying how orcas detect things using a series of clicking that they send out through their melon, or that orca’s skin grows 290 times faster than skin on your arm (Throp)? You can learn about many more things by studying orca whales. These are only a few things about orcas that have been studied; the appearance of orcas, how they hunt, and their relationship with dolphins. Orcas detect things using clicking noises that they…

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  • Comparison Of Jaws And Killer Whales

    A bit of imagination, music, movies, novels and live entertainment can all have the same topic: marine creatures. In fact, when you hear some relaxation music themed around whale songs, that you read a novel titled Moby Dick, which is a legendary white sperm whale or even some facts about the blue whale, being the largest mammal on Earth, it is easy to think of whales. The confusion comes when the term whale is part of a sea creature's name. You see, when people talk about sharks, their mind is…

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  • Orca Captivity Essay

    Orca whales, also known as killer whales, should not be kept in captivity. Since 1961, hundreds of orca whales have been taken from their natural habitat and placed into captivity at aquariums and aquatic parks around the world for the sake of public displays, theatrical shows, and business profit. To date, more than 127 captured orcas have died (Whale and Dolphin Conservation, n.d., figure 3). The capturing and confinement of orca whales is clearly unethical and inhumane. It poses a…

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  • Persuasive Speech On Orca Captivity

    For Entertainment Locked in a cell for the amusement of others, their freedom sacrificed for our recreation. This is what orca captivity truly is. Killer whales are taken from their homes to be placed in the equivalent to a bath tube. While many view this as harmless, we know that captivity of animals in zoos is wrong, so why do we stand for this? Kidnapped Amusement Where do these creatures come from? They certainly didn't go out of self will to a small confinement and a…

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  • Summary: Tilikum Kill A Seaworld Aquarium

    Aquariums are million-dollar businesses that run on the suffering of marine animals. Wild orcas and dolphins are supposed to swim large distances everyday. In tanks these animals can only swim in circles or short lines. They are told to do tricks that have no meaning and are being taken away from family members when they’re taken to different tanks or parks. Most animals in aquariums die way before they’re supposed to. The vast majority of sea animals are ripped away from their families and put…

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  • Joyas Voladoras Theme

    Inspired by his struggles and the life of his son, author Brian Doyle wrote the short story “Joyas Voladoras” to share a message about emotions and the pain of love. He uses metaphors involving comparing the hearts of humans to other living organisms in order to communicate with the reader that all living things feel emotions. In “Joyas Voladoras,” Brian Doyle portrays the idea that every living thing has a heart, and no matter the size, they all have the ability to feel the pain of love. …

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  • Killer Whales In Captivity Essay

    Killer whales should not be forced into captivity because of the orca's intelligence, what conditions are needed in order for orcas to be happy, and the lack of education that aquariums like Seaworld provide. For example, the director of the movie Blackfish responded to claims that a Seaworld trainer made about the issue of whale capacity. The trainer stated that “we as humans should not differentiate based on the intelligence level” and the director came back saying “the evidence on animals…

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