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  • Killer Whales And Whales

    New Zealand Killer Whales and Penguins What exactly are cetaceans? The Cetaceans family includes whales, dolphins, and porpoises. Even though the cetacean family depends on water or more specifically the ocean for survival, they are mammals just like we are. Warm blooded, give birth, nurse their young, and breathe air through their lungs doesn 't that seem familiar? Yes they have the same characteristics as us which makes us both mammals. Scientist believed that about millions of years ago the ancestors of the whales used to live on land. Isn 't that crazy? Can you imagine seeing whales just walking around? Well, not exactly, scientist believed that they looked kind of like a small dog and were probably related to the hippos and went…

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  • Whales And Dolphins In Danger

    Whales and Dolphins in Danger In 2007, a film called “The Cove” was released revealing the savage hunt of dolphins in Taiji, Japan. In 2013, “Blackfish” was released, revealing the monstrosities of keeping killer whales captive at SeaWorld. Both films received award nominations and massive media attention for their call to action and revelation of the endangerments of marine mammals. However, there are so many more dangers to whales and dolphins than just dolphin slaughter, or circus shows at…

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  • The Importance Of Whales

    like without whales? One thing that is never thought about when whales are being hunted is how important they are. For humans to understand the purpose of the whale and just going off the information one has learned may be different. Understanding the whale may be more complex than thought out to be. There is more to know about whales other than they can be big intimidating creatures. It is important to make sure whales are being protected. When an individual enters in a different environment…

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  • Essay On Whales In Captivity

    Killer Whales are a very large and strong breed of marine mammals that belong to the dolphin family that can grow up to ten meters long and can weigh up to six tons. Theses whales are a highly social species that are very intelligent with an excellent sense of hearing and have developed highly complex communication systems. Killer whales are immediately recognizable by their distinctive black-and-white coloring, when you see these magnificent creatures many people immediately get the idea of…

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  • Killer Whales Captivity

    Killer Whales, their name alone makes a bold statement, and it is no surprise that people flock to areas that showcase these majestic animals. Spectators watch in awe as these animals put on a show with their trainers. Venues, such as Sea World, take claim to the idea that these shows support education, research and conservation of killer whales12. Alternatively, many state that the use of killer whales for our entertainment is not only dangerous to people, but that it violates the five freedoms…

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  • Whale Rider Themes

    In the film “Whale Rider” directed by Niki Caro, in a small town in New Zealand called Whangara a innocent young girl called Paikea is born and she is everything Koro didn’t want in the future chief/leader. Throughout the film she struggles to try to become the leader causing a heap of conflict. An important idea shown to us throughout the film is the idea of the role of men and women . A scene where this idea is shown in the film is when Paikea is not allowed to sit in the front row with the…

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  • Essay On Orca Whales

    mammal I have chosen to do my research paper on is the Orca Whale, also known as a killer whale. The genus or scientific name is Orcinus, also known as the killer whale. I have chosen to do my paper on this marine mammal because ever since I was young, I loved going to Sea World and watching the Shamu show. These incredible animals grow up to weigh as much as six tons and grow in length between 23 and 32 feet long, the relative size of a school bus. Orca or killer whales are easy to detect…

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  • The Importance Of Orca Whales

    They tend to live in high altitudes, but they swim in the deep dark water mostly. They are highly intelligent creatures that have very close knit social groups. The bonds they make with each other are as strong as the bond between human and their relatives. A young orca whale will stay with its mother for its entire life. A group of mothers and their children, young or old, it called a matriline. It is very rare for a member of a matriline to stray away from the group for over an hour. Forcing…

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  • The Effects Of Incest On Whales

    Not only does SeaWorld separate the mothers from their calves, but they also force incest among the whales. Like our own species, incest is seen as taboo to whales. Hargrove explained that one female whale Katina was mated with her son Taku, creating the calf named Nalani. Katina refused to accept Nalani after her birth. Another instance of this was with a whale named Kohana who bred with her uncle Keto two different times. Kohana rejected both of those offspring (Hargrove). It is clear that…

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  • Orca Whales In Seaworld

    Orca Whales If someone were living in a bathtub for two-thirds of their life, would they be upset? Whales living in the ocean are different and similar to whales living in SeaWorld in many ways. Blackfish is a documentary about whale abuse in SeaWorld. Blackfish is a film that took 1 year to make. They didn 't make any profit. They made this film out of their love for whales (“No Cash”). A marine biologist said that it was important that someone from the outside that world delivered…

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