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  • Bs Bison Essay

    Bos bison, or the American bison, is the largest land mammal native to North America. It is placed in the same genus, Bos, as the domestic cattle. However, some taxonomists categorize it in the genus Bison, arguing that there is a substantial number of differences to separate it from domestic cattle. The American bison can be separated into two subspecies: B. Bison bison and B. Bison athabascae. B. Bison bison, or the plains bison, is more common in western United States. The plains bison also has short horns and a short and thinly furred tail. On the other hand, B. Bison athabascae, or the wood bison, is more common in Canada, has long horns, and a long and heavily furred tail. Additionally, the plains bison tends to be smaller than the wood…

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  • Plains Bison Essay

    American plains bison has had a very interesting past in America and has served a various amount of purposes. The American bison played a crucial role in the native American tribe’s ways of life here in Colorado. The American Bison also made an impact not only on the settlers of Colorado but on the north American prairie. On the verge of extinction, the bison was able to repopulate with help with Americas National Parks. After sometime Colorado cultivated its own herd of genetically pure bison.…

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  • Whales In The 19th Century

    Animals certainly have not had it easy when it comes to living alongside humans. Some of our favorite species today were abused and killed for their hides and bones to make work easier, and everyday life more luxurious. To kill another being in order make one’s life simpler seems like a ludicrous act to make, but it was normal in the 19th century. As the need of an animal’s body increased, their number’s became sparse due to the mass killing. People started to realize that without the animals…

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  • American Bison Extinction

    In our American history, we have hunted the American bison almost to extinction. In almost a century, the bison population went from roughly 60 million in 1800 to 14 million in 1870 (Lott 2003). Some people call this time, the "Great Slaughter." The military had issued orders to kill the bison. The thought of the government was that if you killed the bison, you killed the Native Americans. The hides were also great for crossing the freezing Plains of the United States, when going West was the…

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  • Sioux Tribe Essay

    resources (Reader’s Digest, 170). The Sioux Tribe lived an unfamiliar lifestyle to most. They were always moving from one place to the next, chasing the bison that surrounded them. This way of life would have been extremely difficult if it wasn’t for the tepee. The Sioux Tribe used tepees because they were easy to move around (Myths About Native Americans, 17). They were able to pack them tightly, set up quickly, and provide the tribe with shelter. Although the tepees would be considered “empty”…

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  • Persuasive Speech On Deer Hunting

    with the bison in Yellowstone they overpopulated and there was not enough food for all the bison to eat and many started to starve to death. The wildlife biologist had to order the killing of some bison, so the rest of the bison could survive the winter. Hunting is not just good for humans, even though it’ s well giving thems pretty great to eat, but it helps many of the other species as well, giving them more food that may be eaten by a lot of deer. Deer are great tasting and many people…

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  • Big Bison Resort Case Study

    Big Bison Resort would benefit from positive reinforcement, as this will continue to increase the likelihood that employers are doing their very best for the company and giving great customer service. Positive reinforcement is defined by encouragement of good employee behaviors, to promote the repetition of those good behaviors. The company can apply the principles of reinforcement more effectively by managing rewards and punishment. To use reinforcement, the reward system has to support the…

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  • Football Fans Research Paper

    Fanatics The world consists of many different types of fans. Baseball, hockey, basketball, volleyball, softball, wrestling, cross country, track, tennis, racing, and many more. However, football fans happen to be the most entertaining to watch and interesting to know. Football is a roller coaster of a sport and it brings its fans along for the ride. The best fans are the die-hard fans, the jaded fans, and the band-wagon fans. Die-hard fans make football games entertaining because of their…

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  • American Indian Traditions

    enjoying life to its utmost, in the many beautiful spots where they found the best wood and water (Standing Bear, 1975, p. 3). The main reason that the American Indians moved around so much is because of the bison. The bison were their main source of food, so as the bison migrated, so would the American Indians (“People of the Bison”, 2003, para. 3). The American Indians have always been respectful of the bison by only killing the bison that they needed and using every part of the bison, but…

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  • Summary: The Representation Of Animals In Popular Culture

    culture by representing a country as national symbols. In the United States, bison was chosen to be one of its national symbols. In the 18th century A French naturalist, Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon believed that the United States was weaker due to the weather and the smaller animals that the New World contained (Fan 9/28). He also presumed that the nation would grow become weaker than the “old world”. Animals were representative of a nation’s strength and exemplify a nation’s pride.…

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