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  • Alliteration In The Black Cat

    “It was the cat’s voice that had screamed. The cat had made me kill my wife, and its cries had given me away. I had walled up the monster within the tomb,” quoted from Edgar Allan Poe in The Black Cat. Using literary terms is one of Edgar Allan Poe’s strong points in his writing. In The Black Cat Poe uses figurative terms, for instance foreshadowing and alliteration, in a way that helps the story to remain interesting and flow fluently. With plot being an important necessity in a story, The Black Cat has a distinct plot of events. The story begins with a man who has loved pets all his life. Leading to the conflict, the rising action begins with the man starting to drink. “Then I began drinking. Day by day, I became more moody, short tempered,…

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  • The Black Cat

    “The Black Cat,” the story was published in 1845, and it is a gothic piece of literature. The first thing we learn is that it is written in first person, and the narrator is nameless. He is going die the next day for something we do not know what for yet. He is writing events down which is says, “these events have terrified – have tortured – have destroyed me” (1). From the beginning of the story it is gathered that he did something horrible when he states, “to-day I would unburthen my soul”…

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  • Alcoholism In The Black Cat

    In the other hand we have something a bit similar in "The Black Cat", this protagonist in particular defends his reliability of his actions in the narrative, but as well has a flashback from a prison cell after murdering his wife. The narrator opens his tale by describing a very calm and happy atmosphere along with his wife and the desire they both shared towards the pets they owned. When the narrator begins by explain how this idea got into his head, at first is not able to make the transition…

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  • Perverseness In The Black Cat

    In his short story, “The Black Cat”, Edgar Allan Poe writes about perverseness and how everyone has a choice to determine an outcome. Edgar beings his story in a jail cell, where the narrator tells a story about a black cat and his abuse of alcoholism. The first complication that shows alcoholism taking over the narrator is the scene where he deliberately cut one of its cat's eyes after it nipped his hand. Because of this interaction, the cat feels terrified of the narrator every time he’s…

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  • Examples Of Optimistism In The Black Cat

    The Black Cat: Horror or Optimistic Edgar A. Poe is traditional considered one of the greatest masters of horror stories. “The Black Cat” is one of his masterpieces, so the naïve readers may think that “The Black Cat” is a horror work. In fact, however, “The Black Cat” is not a horror work but an optimistic work, which the ideal readers may think. This essay explains that “The Black Cat” is a work reaching optimistic conclusions about human existence through horror. This essay talks about…

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  • Essay On The Black Cat

    "The Black Cat" is a short horror story, written by Edgar Allan Poe. In this story, a narrator is in prison waiting for his punisment, as like hanging. The narrator, who is the main character ,tells us about the story of his own’s life that has gone bad… As a little child, he is decribed as a mild and kind boy who loves all kinds of animals. His favorite thing to do is taking care of his pets and spendig lots of time with them . His favorite animal is a dog. He gets married in his early…

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  • The Black Cat Argumentative Essay

    “The Black Cat” by Edgar Allen Poe is a short story about a man who struggled with depression, alcoholism, and a mental disorder but his cat calmed him. However, the man killed the cat he loved and later a similar cat came to him which had an abnormal resemblance to the past cat of his. This cat reminded the man of how cruel and mean he was to Pluto, the past cat, therefor he tried to kill the cat but instead killed his wife. My position is that he is insane and guilty. The narrator was…

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  • The Black Cat Pluto's Downfall

    The main character in The Black Cat has preserved behaviors and mental deterioration that contributes to his downfall throughout the story. The main character’s actions in this story are a true reflection of how alcoholism can affect someone’s behavior. For example, after coming home drunk the main character becomes irritated at his cat Pluto “who he dearly loves.” Pluto is ignoring him and bites him on the hand and this highly intoxicated man becomes very violent, “I took from my waist a…

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  • Black Cat Unlucky

    up with them, not just spending the time together but also enjoying the bedtime together, watching the television together……etc. But have you ever think about to have a black cat to be your family member? In many countries, the black cat seems to an “unluckiness” significant. Especially to the places which still remain the old traditional costumes. For an example, in Taiwan, when the elderly people see a black cat, they will try to get away from it or even scared the cat away. And the other…

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  • The Black Cat Unreliable Narrator

    Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Black Cat” is an account told by an unreliable narrator of an alcoholic, murderous madman who claims he loves animals, but kills them in a fit of madness. In the beginning, the narrator confesses that he has a great love for cats and dogs because they are loyal, unlike humans. The narrator marries and introduces his wife to his hobby of owning pets. One of these beloved pets is a black cat named Pluto. The man starts drinking and thus his personality changes drastically.…

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