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  • Black Hat Hacker

    Do you know what a Hacker is? Everyone says that Hackers are these no-lifes, who break the law, and exploit the government, by releasing their data. Let 's get something clear okay, not all hackers are fucking evil, its only the Black Hat Hackers, they are the ones who have given hackers a bad name. Almost everyone in my school, in Castle Rock says "Your a terrorist Daniel", or "Your gonna screw everything up, your gonna destroy the internet". Seriously? I 'm not a bad person, I may be able to break the schools fire wall, and on occasion, Hack into the Pentagon, but I don 't do anything bad with it, I just hack the Pentagon, just to prove that I can. I 'm not an evil hacker, I 'm what is called a White Hat Hacker, what that means is that…

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  • Black Hat Movie Analysis

    In the movie Black Hat, Nicholas with the help of Captain Chen Dawai, his sister Chen Lien and FBI agent Barrett configures a way to find the perpetrators responsible for a nuclear plant explosion and the hackers that initiated a pump and dump scheme to the Mercantile Trade Exchange. Throughout the duration of the movie, the characters find themselves traveling all over the globe trying to find the persons responsible for these series of serious offenses. However, they find themselves facing…

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  • Personal Narrative: The White Hat

    6 Thinking Hats Personal Narrative “GOD’S NOT DEAD HE’S SURELY ALIVE!”, I sing along with my church. I go to Mission Community Church where we say, “Do justice. Love mercy. Walk humbly,” based off of Micah 6:8 in the Bible. I have been at Mission for 2.5 years. The current Pastor, Joel Thomas, is not teaching straight from the Bible and is not clear on his teachings. He also focuses too much on grace. My family is contemplating whether or not to stay at Mission. I will be using the…

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  • Hacking Vs Hackers

    What do you think when you hear the word hacking and hackers? Despite what people may think, hacking isn’t always a problem. In the two articles I have read, the difference between good hackers and bad hackers is explained. “Hacking and Hackers” (Article 1) and “Good Hackers, Bad Hackers. What’s the Difference?:The Difference between Destruction and Protection” (Article 2) differentiate between length, the sources, and the examples each article provides, yet are similar in that they to the same…

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  • Malware Life Cycle Research Paper

    Without it, how else will an organization know what their weaknesses are and what they can do to improve their defenses? As mentioned previously, Deerman (2012) found that there are three main phases of the malware lifecycle. Through the good intentions of implementing white hat hacking, an organization will be able to clearly see the vulnerabilities in their system and where attackers will most likely hit first. Understanding the offensive and defensive perspectives of the malware lifecycle…

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  • Hacking: The Cost Of Crime In The 21st Century

    fortune from their acts and are a “gray” area of the law, because they are still technically break the law. Fame hackers hack to become the best of the best and want the recognition from the hacker community. They are able to gain this fame by the amount of damage they are able to cause and the hacking programs they make and share with the community. They are also know shun the profit drive hackers who work for the big corporations, since they view the big corporations as the bad guys for not…

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  • The Dangers Of Cyberspace: Zero Days By Charles Koppelman

    The article Why Computer Talents Become Computer Hackers, by Xu Zhengchuan, gives a definition of what titles the “good” and “bad” hackers mean; “White hats are on a quest for knowledge, discovering and alerting security weaknesses in organizational systems and developing better, more secure computer systems; Black Hats go for revenge, sabotage, or outright criminal gain (such as to steal money, products, or services) (Zhengchuan 65).” Zero Days portrays these hackers as extremely dangerous…

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  • Stuxnet Persuasive Speech

    human rights and freedom. Their attacks have taken down, a website like the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Corporations, foreign governments, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). What happens behind the curtains, for governments that want information to be on the top of the chain of command, to stop a movie release that showed their leader assassinated. Who are they? and what happens next? Who are they? They are people with knowledge of information technology. There are…

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  • Think Like A Hacker Analysis

    intended to, they can be very helpful in different industry where security important. As a typical hacker, you would want to know how technology work, and why they perform certain functions. Should you think like a “black hat”, “white hat”, or “grey hat” hacker? Honestly speaking, a typical hacker might be very good both in “black hat” and “white hat” techniques. The main difference between these people is what they want to achieve with their skills. For instance, you might be learning these…

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  • Ethical Hacking And Information Security

    Abstract- Modern technological advancement made our current internet on the pinnacle of everything related to information technology. However, it is always threatened by various types of security issues, which are mostly due to hackers, their bots and malicious scripts. They attacks, corrupts, collects and destroys the essential information in the system of the valuable organizations. To stop their such harmful and hazardous activities or to take preventive measures, most organizations now…

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