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  • Explanation Of The Song 'Black Eyed Peas'

    The Black Eyed Peas did a song, Where is the love back in 2003 depicting the struggle and problems going on with the nation at the time. It was done post 9-11 and addressed government corruption and terrorism. This year, The Black Eyed Peas came up with an updated version of the song because of wanting to remind people that there's still problems that need to be addressed and changed for the better. I believe the song accurately depicts what's been happening in our nation, but has not addressed everything. Theres many problems in our country, but the song specifies in addressing ones the artist think is important now. The 2016 version, which closely resembles the older version, addresses police brutality, discrimination, and indifference of human beings.…

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  • What Are The Similarities Between To Kill A Mockingbird And Where Is The Love

    Harper Lee’s novel To Kill a Mockingbird and The Black Eyed Peas’ song “Where is the Love” both tackle the problem of racism and overall intolerance of others. Lee’s novel takes place in the 1930s and focuses on the Finch family as the father, Atticus, takes on a case where he is defending a black man from the accusation of a white man and women. On the other hand, “Where is the Love” addresses discrimination as a whole and seems to question your empathy for other people. When placed side by…

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  • Anne Swarts: The Evolution Of Digital Media

    fell in love with what she described as a “high energy and somewhat chaotic environment.” After a few years of working her secretary job, Anne heard about a few job openings that dealt directly with clients. From there, she kept getting promotions and eventually became the Senior Broadcasting Producer at Preston Kelly. She started off working strictly with television and radio commercials, then slowly worked her way into internet content. Her title involves everything from creating budgets for…

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  • Tomorrow: A Peaceful Path To Real Reform

    As Eden explained, Ebenezer Howard has stated that he had combined three projects to create his scheme of Garden city (Eden, 1947). These projects are the proposal for organized migratory movement of population by Edward Gibbon Wakefield and Professor Alfred Marshall; the proposal for land tenure system by Thomas Spence and Herbert Spencer; and the model city called Victoria by James Silk Buckingham. This idea can be supported by Batchelor as he noted that Ebenezer Howard wrote his proposal for…

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  • Mendel Biography

    studies. During his time at the University, Mendel made friends with two of his professors, Friedrich Franz who was a physicist and Johann Karl Nestler who was an agricultural biologist, who were also interested in heredity. Mendel’s monastery had a five acre garden where two former professors encouraged Gregor to pursue his interest in heredity by using the garden for his experiments. The main theory during Mendel’s time was that offspring were just a combination of the traits expressed in…

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  • Nitrate And Phosphate Level Lab Report

    sufficient habitat resources for the red wigglers. Red wigglers need to eat plant scraps and be able to break down organic material such as paper (Yard, Habitat). In my soil all I had were the Alaskan pea seed and the soil had no other resources for the red wriggler worm. In the control group the nitrate levels increased because legumes produce their own usable nitrogen through nitrogen fixation, by turning atmospheric nitrate into useable nitrogen the plants can use in the soil. The earthworm…

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  • Bake Stone Research Paper

    The Kensington Rune Stone: Real or fake? The story of the Kensington Rune stone began in 1898 after Olof Ohman, a Swedish farmer, discovered a rectangle stone when he was working on his farm near Kensington, Minnesota with his son. According to Barclay, Shelly. "The Kensington Runestone." N.p.,n.d. Web. 22 Oct. 2010, Olof Ohman reported that the stone, which weighs 202 pounds and has thirty-one inches tall, sixteen inches wide, six inches thick, and it was unearthed under the roof of the tree.…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Being Spoon-Feded

    true, there is so much more to the word. As a child, I loved to be spoon-fed – mashed carrots, soft yams, mushy peas. I loved them all. But it didn’t end there. I also had an insatiable curiosity. Where did the dinosaurs go? Why is that man homeless? Where do babies come from? My parents would always patiently listen and spoon-feed me a quick and simple answer. Growing up I came to realize that some of them weren 't always entirely correct or even necessarily true. But they would set a very…

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  • African American Culture

    Some of the most common stereotypes consist of: Black people being lazy and uneducated, love fried chicken, males are all thugs, females are loud and full of anger, family reunions are a big thing, and they collect welfare for a living and are low income. A couple of things mentioned above are not just stereotypes; it is actually considered a custom within the African American culture. The stereotype of not being well educated came from the main root of slavery. When African Americans were…

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  • The Ideas Of The Pop Culture By Kendrick Lamar

    Pop culture is a social art and at the same time has some political ideologies related to it. Since its introduction in the 1970s in the American’s sub-urban regions dominated by the blacks, it has always played a significant role in how the various ethnic groups in the US relate to each other. It can be attributed to divisions between different races especially the whites and the blacks, and at the same time, it can be considered to be a unifying factor between individuals from the same…

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