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  • Humorous And Non-Harmonous Snake Bite

    HOSPITAL TREATMENT It is always difficult to distinguish venomous and non-venomous snake bite, the patient with the history of any snake bite should be admitted in the hospital for observation. Airway breathing and circulation should be stabilized in hospital if needed. The patients vital sign, oxygen saturation, urine output should be closely monitored. After taking the history a quick and through physical examination should be performed. IV access in one or both unaffected limb should be established. Isotonic saline should be initiated as fluid resuscitation if there is any evidence of hemodynamic instability. If it’s possible the snake should be identified. The required investigation should be done and features of systemic or local envenoming…

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  • Analysis Of The Zika Virus

    Do you ever think that a small bite can cause a lot of harm on an individual with so many body defenses? As we all have heard in the news or radio stations or even seen on banners while driving and in doctor’s office the virus known as Zika has caused a lot of panic worldwide. Zika was first found in 1947 in a monkey that was isolated in the Zika forest and then was spread to an individual who was a zookeeper. Zika is a disease that affects the body system, for example in some pregnant women it…

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  • Personal Narrative: Keeping Up With My Personal Niyamas

    Overall my progress made was minimal if not nonexistent. Still I have learned much about my habit. I used to think that I did not just bite my nails when I was nervous or anxious, but because my brain just did it out of routine. I did notice, however, that I did tend to bite my nails during stressful times, whether it had to do with school work, sports, or some everyday tasks. I am not typically a nervous person. I would even say I am rarely ever nervous or stressed out to the point of being…

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  • Symbolism In The Novel Speak

    because it shows how she expressed herself throughout the story. First and foremost, Melinda starts to bite her lip when she remembers that she was raped. Melinda hates to think about the time that she was raped, but she sometimes thinks about it. She starts to bite her lip because she cannot help it. She…

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  • Mosquito Bites Essay

    Fading Away Mosquito bites in babies Nothing is more annoying than waking up and finding your baby’s face full of ugly mosquito bites? At times, I really feel like why are they only after my baby? Why can’t they go someplace else? These blood-sucking creatures are really a menace and it hurts immensely to see that they have been feeding upon your child’s sweet blood. When mosquitoes bite babies, one can see small red bumps along with swelling around the bite and rashes. In severe cases, the…

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  • Dog Bite Statute

    QUESTION PRESENTED: Whether the court will reject the motion filed by the defendant to dismiss the claims of our client? BRIEF ANSWER: probably not. The defendant Mr Androcles’s motion to dismiss our client’s complaint may not succeed because all the elements envisaged in the ‘Dog bite statute’ are fulfilled. Firstly, the injury caused by the dog to Harvey in response to the throwing the snowball was severe and unproportional in nature. Secondly, there was no provocation as the response of…

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  • Gloomy Castle Creative Writing

    AND WALK FREELY, OTHERWISE..... YOU WILL NEVER SEE LIFE EVER AGAIN." "What do we do?" John asked. "Let's just fight the animals and see what challenge awaits us," I stated. As we continued to walk, we found a tiny brown ant lying on the ground. "This will be straightfoward," John screams. As soon as he said that, a mob of ants filled the halls and began to suffocate us. Suddenly, the ants turned angry and started to bite us. Later, a giant ant who was presumed to be the queen ant, came out…

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  • Fresh Bite Analysis

    The title of the performance that I went to on Saturday November 7 was called FRESH Bites at the Artery. The director and choreographer of FRESH Bites is Judy Bejarano and the name of the company is IMPACT Dance Company. Costumes were created by Judy Bejarano and Jeremy Colvard, graphic designer was Stanley Scott, and the photographer was from Todd McCarty. The dance was difficult to understand but the dance was about loss, memory, and finding a path to home. There were three courses during…

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  • Tick Bite Allergic Reaction

    of it being there. However, new research describe how this method could now have an alternative effect, leading to severe allergic reactions. The researchers believe a vaccine for tick bite allergies could be developed from the split allergen, once it is identified. Tick and human contact has been increasing over the years, as tick and human contact increases due to increases in climate change and habitant loss.Tick bites might induce the development of red meat or gelatin allergies. Although…

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  • The Bite Of The Mango Theme

    The Role of Adults: Failed Parents One thing that comes to mind when the role of parents is thought of, is that they their job is to love their children, do what is best for them in terms of their emotional stability, mental health and their success in life. This statement is true for many, but there is are still children whose parents are not like this at all. People are lead to believe that these parents have failed their children, which also happens with Mariatu in the novel The Bite of…

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