Analysis Of The Zika Virus

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Do you ever think that a small bite can cause a lot of harm on an individual with so many body defenses? As we all have heard in the news or radio stations or even seen on banners while driving and in doctor’s office the virus known as Zika has caused a lot of panic worldwide. Zika was first found in 1947 in a monkey that was isolated in the Zika forest and then was spread to an individual who was a zookeeper. Zika is a disease that affects the body system, for example in some pregnant women it may cause birth defects if the virus reaches the blood and also the baby 's blood system. It also affects the body system because the bite of the mosquito goes directly into the blood since they are trying to feed off of the blood of a person or animal. …show more content…
The same way with the Zika virus anyone can get this virus if bitten by a mosquito that has been infected with the blood of someone who has the virus as well. Mainly as well the ones who live in the area where it has been known for the virus to be found and they have yet not moved from that area they are also most likely to be found with the virus, but also the people who travel to an area and gets bitten by a mosquito with the virus is also at risk because they do not know if the virus may have been transferred or not. The areas we should be avoiding to travel or move to are in the Latin America, Caribbean, Brazil, Africa, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, and as well as the Pacific Islands. Everyone comes in contact with a person that is infected with the virus may also come to risk of getting the virus. When the virus is found in the blood and the individual till remains with the virus and gets bitten by another mosquito the virus is also now passes to the mosquito as well. A fact that not everyone knows about is that all mosquitos that have come in contact with the are usually the ones that bite during the day time. A big risk that comes also with the infection of the virus is that the mosquito might also have dengue and chikungunya apart from Zika. A way the virus can spread from person to person is during sex and when the mother was infected and is now transmitted to the baby. Overall the person who treats this disease is a doctor who is supposed to know the different symptoms, signs, and differentiate the rashes on the person’s

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