Ring Around The Rosie Research Paper

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Ring Around the Rosie
Most people can recognize the common adolescent schoolyard game “Ring Around the Rosie.” Many, though, would naught recognize the manifestations of the Black Death, also known as the Bubonic Plague, displayed in the nursery rhyme. This correlation leaves many scholars believing that the two contain a sickening connection. The opening phrase refers to a rash symptom that began in the early stages. “A pocketful of posey” explains how people would carry around flowers in hopes of not contracting the diseases. Ashes refers to the sneezing made by the infected. Finally, the line “we all fall down” ultimately explains the death of the victim (History.com Staff) Even though the Bubonic Plague started as a nominal disease, it
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The World Health Organization estimates that Zika could potentially become the next plague. The disease is spread by mosquitoes, sexual transmission or physical contact (Kounalakis). “Once a person has been infected, he or she is likely protected from future infections” (“Zika Virus”). Although, unlike the plague, many victims who get sick, rarely die.Though the disease remains in the blood of the victims whole life. After becoming infected, the victims are safe from future infections. Doctors like to test for other infections when diagnosed with Zika, simply to test the correlation between Zika and other deadly diseases (“Zika Virus”). Zika only occurred in Africa, Southeast Asia, and Pacific Islands before 2015. “Pan American Health Organization issued an alert about the first confirmed Zika virus infection in Brazil.” This occurred in May of 2015. U.S. territories where Zika is present include American Samoa, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. U.S. cases will increase due to vacations and airport travel to and from infected areas. “Eighty percent will not be diagnosed.” These cases could result in the growth of the disease throughout the Americas (“Zika …show more content…
This is near twice the amount as the Bubonic Plague in the fourteenth century. Even though Zika is nowhere near these kinds of levels, or is as dangerous, everyone is affected (Kounalakis). The 2016 summer Olympics held in Rio this year are facing hardships due to the Zika Outbreak. Rio looked at the summer Olympics as a way to gain economic, social, and political stability. This stability would come in the form of avid tourism and “positive country branding.” The Zika virus which is ravaging Brazil now is unsettling audience members ambition to travel there and is providing Brazil with a bad name

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