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  • Dueling In The 19th Century

    While today many would view a battle between two men to preserve their honor as foolish, in the nineteenth century and earlier, men believed dueling was the only resort to maintain this honor and prove their manliness. Dueling began declining since its beginning due to government involvement and modernization. By explaining the history of dueling and the process of its decline, this paper will explain that dueling continued throughout the nineteenth century, despite significant efforts to end it, due to the revival of the idea of honor and tradition due to the French Revolution. A duel was an arranged fight between two individuals who had agreed on the rules and weapon prior to combat. A duel was called when one man felt that he had been…

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  • Whales In The 19th Century

    Animals certainly have not had it easy when it comes to living alongside humans. Some of our favorite species today were abused and killed for their hides and bones to make work easier, and everyday life more luxurious. To kill another being in order make one’s life simpler seems like a ludicrous act to make, but it was normal in the 19th century. As the need of an animal’s body increased, their number’s became sparse due to the mass killing. People started to realize that without the animals…

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  • Medicine In The 19th Century Essay

    “Declare the past, diagnose the present, foretell the future.” Once said the Greek Physician Hippocrates (Hippocrates Quote). Modern medicine has changed an incredible amount throughout the past two centuries, from procedures taken during surgeries to the treatments the ill received. However, to learn from the mistakes that were made throughout history in the medical world, one must become informed about the errors made prior. The 19th century was a time where trial and error was mostly…

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  • Essay On 19th Century Women

    Women have evolved dramatically over time. How women were raised, their independence, and morals have changed since the 19th century. Women have gradually improved in most areas, but some women have taken a few steps back in other areas. According to Dorothy W. Hartman, “Women’s God-given role, it stated, was as wife and mother, keeper of the household, guardian of the moral purity of all who lived therein (Lives of Women).” Dorothy’s statement is still what most women believe in. The only…

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  • Nationalism In The 19th Century Essay

    Title The 19th century was an age of discovery and progress for many parts of the world. Europe particularly went through many changes and reforms. During this time of change many questions were raised and people faced questions and opportunities of which they never would have dreamed. New problems arose everyday and individuals needed to band together and fight, politically or physically, for their group. When these groups succeeded in gaining control they had an even bigger challenge to face;…

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  • Human Rights In The 19th Century

    According to Hunt, new types of individual experiences of empathy were created, during the eighteenth century; consequently, making the invention of human rights possible. Many of the advances in the founding of human rights that were made in the late 18th century were undone in the 19th and 20th century. As illustrated in the book, there was a new wave of racism, sexism, xenophobic and nationalist discrimination. The rights of humans in society are one of the most important distinctions that…

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  • Transportation Industry In The 19th Century

    After the civil war, Americans ran on money and new devices of business. With the expansion of businesses and the nations rail system this lead to bigger markets and industries. Railroads were the biggest industry in the late 19th century because this allowed trade with other markets and cities. The railroad was privately owned but publicly financed by land grants from the government. Along with the expansion of the rail road, there was an invention of the telegraph. The telegraph was invented…

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  • Roles Of Women In The 19th Century Essay

    In the 19th century the American view on women became clear. Many people began to write about the role of a woman and things the woman should be able to do. The cult of domesticity is one of the main outlines of the roles of a woman. It goes into the image of the ideal woman, a woman’s proper place in society, and lists some writings that will reinforce the cult of domesticity. It also goes into the four main principles that make up a true woman. The four main principles are stated as piety,…

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  • The Gilded Age In The Late 19th Century

    The Gilded Age, an evolutionary time in the late 19th century, which altered the common farmer’s life, from living in the rural into an industrial worker living in the city. The Gilded Age created the transcontinental railroad, racial tension, end of freely roaming Native Americans, tedious labor, unemployment, substantial immigration, an extreme government and fraudulent politics. With all these crucial events occurring from the early 1870s to the early 1900s, I believe the most crucial years…

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  • American Imperialism In The Late 19th Century

    Initially, the Americans took interest in imperializing other countries after their previous mindset from the 1700s to the late 18th century where the United States claimed that they did not have the desire to extend their influence towards foreign territories. Thus, in order to keep themselves true to their word, George Washington published his Farewell Address that claim that the United States would stay completely out of European affairs if they were given the same treatment in return. At…

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